Polish My Pitch Podcast episode thirty three with Amy Vodarek, Coach

Amy’s session was a great one for demonstrating multiple issues that business owners face when they’re doing their Elevator Pitches. The first part we started focusing down on was who Amy’s target market needed to be. She actually said “I stay out of industry” as a conscious choice but what I convinced her of was that to have any meaningful repeatable marketable strategy, you need to pick a group that self-gathers on a monthly basis. So, when picking a target group, pick either an industry or an interest group that has monthly meetings, multiple events, conferences, trade shows and publications of their own. This is both because they do the heavy lifting for you that stops you from having to cherry pick your targets one by one. It’s also because what I want for every client is to be able to go to monthly events that have at least a 70% concentration of their target in the audience. Otherwise, entrepreneurs are wasting their time and money by networking in that group.


The second thing we worked on with Amy was that her pitch was missing the CONSEQUENCE of the pain. Sure, she mentioned several pain points around the Imposter syndrome and negative thoughts, but she never really talked about what that would cause in her target’s business or life. Furthermore, we determined that Amy also had to talk to her prospects to ask them first about the pain points, instead of guessing it herself (or having me guess it).

Because the biggest mistake I see every marketing agency and strategist making, is that they are telling you what to do and say in your marketing. What I want you to do is 100% the opposite of that. Instead, I want you to throw your own ideas in the garbage and go ask your prospects what keeps them up at night and how they talk about it. I want you to know, live, feel what they feel and then I want your marketing, including your Elevator Pitch to reflect exactly that. Because what the market wants from you could be very different than what you want to sell the market.

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