Polish My Pitch Podcast episode twelve with Hailey Patrey, Coach

Hailey’s main differentiator in her eyes was the fact that she offered her clients 3 services in one stop. Instead, I took her into the complete opposite direction by getting her to focus on just one thing that she did. When we tell a prospect that we are experts in more than just one thing, their minds get confused and overwhelmed. And confused minds don’t buy!


Hailey is so passionate about the one aspect of her business (saving marriages) but when it comes to teaching entrepreneurs how to build their own events, she wasn’t as excited. However, I reminded her that the sweet spot of the fastest income from a marketing strategy standpoint is the intersection of what she can help with and what the market will pay the most for what they want her help with. In this Polish My Pitch episode, we got Hailey into a much more focused and niched pitch and helped guide her through the maze of her many beloved services that she delivered.

If you thought what Hailey went through was a great experience, email me at chala@repositioner.com to be my next guest. I welcome all your comments and also don’t forget to subscribe and rate our Podcast!


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