Polish My Pitch Podcast episode twenty-one with Dr Mandeep Walia, Doctor and Coach

Dr. Mandeep, a chiropractor (DC) and functional medicine specialist by training had had huge success in her multitude of businesses for decades. Yet when we talked about who she could target as an industry or a self-gathered group of people, she literally said “I’d never thought of it that way”. Clearly, she never needed a focused strategic marketing plan to grow her businesses. I’m guessing the reason why Dr. Mandeep wanted to take me up on the chance to polish her Elevator Pitch was to see how she could improve what she was already doing well. Who am I to toy with what’s working? However, since she asked, I told.

In my humble opinion, there are way too many Doctors who are saying the same thing as Dr. Mandeep. They are all helping prevent disease. They are all working on the total mind, body and lifestyle choices. In fact, where I met Dr. Mandeep, half the room were functional medicine doctors. So, I helped her differentiate her communication strategy, starting with her Elevator Pitch.


Through drilling Dr.Mandeep about what large groups she could help and who was in most pain for what she could offer, we were able to get her to focus her communication strategy on one specific industry and their specific pain that she could help with. Of course, I explained to her that this honing in usually takes research and isn’t really a guess (at least not if you have Millions of Dollars riding on it!).

Now, the task for Dr.Mandeep is to determine if this truly is the growth niche for her and then to implement this strategy into the DNA of her new marketing plans. Because without a niche, there’s no plan. And without a plan, small businesses throw spaghetti at the wall to see what kind of marketing is going to stick with customers (or in this case, patients). And that’s the long painful road to lost money and time.

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