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I love my friend Veronica because she got me into volunteering at a men’s prison. She told me all about how much she gets out of teaching in that environment and how knowledge-hungry her students are in that setting. Having volunteered to teach a course called “Be Your Own Boss” in the same correctional facility for the past year, I have also felt very rewarded by the experience. So, it was an extra pleasure to help Veronica Polish her Pitch.

Like most coaches, Veronica’s pitch was too generic and too broadly targeted. Targeting women is unfortunately not niched enough. Now, targeting women entrepreneurs is something that I can get behind. Then, we figured out Veronica’s expertise speciality.

When I asked her what specific problem she solved for her clients, she talked for a few minutes about ‘the sandwich generation’ and the ‘stress’. However, none of it resounded for me until I could escalate those things to an ultimate consequence for her prospect. That outcome being death of the owner or the business. I mean, it doesn’t get more serious than that.

Which is why this episode is the perfect demonstration of why generic, low-level pain, such as ‘stress’ isn’t really a strong enough positioning to own a solution to.

When Veronica now introduces herself, she will be positioning herself as preventing a woman entrepreneur’s death, bankruptcy or divorce (depending on which she picks based on researching the most common problem they face).

If you thought what Veronica went through was a great experience, come be my next Guest!!

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