Polish My Pitch Podcast episode twenty-three with Daniel Marcos, Consultant

Daniel is a very successful, sharp cookie already. I’ve respected and admired his growth for years. But even he appreciated a fresh perspective on his Elevator Pitch.

His go-to pitch was around helping CEOs scale their business. I tried to force his hand to niche down into what kind of CEOs but he wasn’t buying it. Since I know for a fact that he is often speaking in front of CEO groups, I let that one slide. Most of my clients can’t penetrate CEOs groups frequently enough for me to be happy without niching them down to an industry.


Then, what followed with Daniel, was a longer discussion around the consequence of not scaling. There were so many problems: feeling alone at the top, not fulfilling their human potential for growth, etc. But when I kept digging, I think we got to the problem of retention due to the lack of scaling.

That’s what I ultimately recommended to Daniel as his elevator pitch. To start by talking about his target’s ultimate pain if he didn’t help them scale. Being a gentleman and an astute businessman, Daniel was very open to my suggestions.

I hope you also learn from watching this episode of Polish My Pitch. If you thought what Daniel went through was a great experience, apply at https://repositioner.com/podcastapplication to be my next guest.

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