Polish My Pitch Podcast episode four with Michele Maher, Jewelry Designer

Michele’s initial pitch was all about the way her products made people feel. While I’m all about bringing emotion to marketing, it was too generic for my taste. Any time you start a pitch by targeting an entire gender, watch out because you’re being too general. Remember, in my coaching, I always want clients to pick either an industry or an interest group to target because these are the only types of people who self-gather in large numbers in events and even in on-line groups. Through laser questioning, I was able to get Michele to a very specific group of women to target. Then I was able to get her to do her elevator pitch from the framework of that group’s unique pain. The resulting new elevator pitch will give Michele a much better marketing strategy. Once she’s done the research to isolate the actual target, she’ll know what events to be more present at. Also, she’ll know what to say to her target around their pain to help them.


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