Project a Successful Image: 7 Ways

In my world of marketing my own business, image is everything. It is the packaging to your product. It is the first impression and sometimes only impression someone will have of your business. Projecting a successful one takes some planning. Check out these tips below:

1. Look Good for Any Occasion
Always dress one notch higher than what’s expected. If dress is business casual, put on a suit.
2. Write and Speak Correctly
Improve your grammar, spelling, and especially, your diction. If English is your second language, you’ll need to work harder.
3. Master the Art of Intelligent Conversation
Be up on current events. Be a lifelong learner. Take courses, read books, listen to interesting pod-casts.
4. Be Charitable
Give your time, energy, and wisdom to people around you as well as those in dire need.
5. Be Organized
You are judged on little things like timely response to messages and email. Showing up late disrespects others and makes you look careless or worse, indifferent.
6. Make People Feel Important
When face-to-face, have a firm handshake, make eye contact, and show respect by being present.
7. Spend Time with Successful People
Build a circle of people you respect and admire, and you too will be respected and admired by the people important to you.
via Project a Successful Image: 7 Ways.

At the end of the day, as the song goes: All you need is love. Love for yourself, respect for others and for how you treat them and yourself. My favorite author Robert Holden says “if your definition of success doesn’t have the word love in it, then you need a new definition” and I couldn’t agree more.
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  1. sjccopywritingsolutions

    I’ll admit it – the fun pic caught my attention. The way you organized the content in the blog kept me reading. Thanks for sharing some great advice!

    • Chala Dincoy

      My pleasure Susan! I’m a sucker for anything baby.


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