Striptease Like Elon Musk To Grow Your Brand

This week, at a Tesla event in China, the world got to witness billionaire genius bad boy Musk doing a sort of strip-tease as he took his jacket off on stage. He was definitely not Magic Mike material. Believe me. Nobody is. Except Channing Tatum-sigh I digress..But the show went viral. With a hip twirl and a flick of the wrist, Musk had the world sharing and commenting on his brand, his event and him. Over and over again.

While Competitors Spend Billions

What does all this (fake-thank God!) stripping have to do with you? Well look at Musk’s competitors. Spending their brains out with one car ad after another that you can’t even tell apart. Try going to the cinema if you don’t know what I’m talking about. It seems that car companies have definitely found their captive audience in those dark auditoriums. From Frozen 2 to The Grudge, I dare you to find a movie without a car ad in the previews. Luckily Musk doesn’t have to resort to that. He can just pull of his own (spontaneous?) publicity for free.

Why You Should Strip

I’m not really trying to persuade you to strip for your sales. In most cases, I’m guessing people wouldn’t pay to see you dancing. However, the lessons to be learned here are plenty. First, be different than everyone else. I’m creating a whole online course about how to Differentiate Your Business so you can bet that I’ll be including this story in that training! Second, be daring. Faking a strip-tease in China at your product launch in front of millions of eyeballs is pretty daring. Daring gets attention. Lastly, be fun. Most marketing experts agree that fun content gets more attention than any other content, regardless of its value. No fun, no eyeballs. You can be serious and valuable in your own corner, speaking to the 2 other serious people who want to hear what you have to say.

So do like Elon Musk and strip your way to increasing your brand awareness and watch your customers start to pay attention. Maybe for the first time…

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