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richI have to admit, I’ve been reading T.Harv Eker again. Yup, I’m forcing my hubby to listen to it, I’m talking to friends about it over coffee and I’m incorporating it into my sales conversations and it’s powerful. You think you’re spared from this as my blog reader? Not a chance.
In his famous talk (based on his book, which spawned an empire of training companies) titled Secrets of The Millionaire Mind dear Harv had even my eyebrows up when he made the audience (and me, listening in my car) take a test to determine what is holding us back from becoming rich.
Why Be Rich?
Being rich was never an ambition until recently. Until I learned that ‘I just want to be comfortable’ is the surest way to be UNCOMFORTABLE. That to claim to want nothing more than to cover my few luxuries is the fastest way to continual stress, strife and worry about money. I now know that if I were aiming at being rich, then I could probably get to comfortable but without even entertaining the thought of aiming higher, I was shooting myself in the foot.
If you’ve ever thought ‘money’s not important to me’, chances are you were in the same position as me. As Harv asks, if you said to your husband ‘you’re not that important’ how long would he be around? Same goes for money! Harv baby makes some compelling reasons to be rich. To live nicer and to provide better for your family is a big motivator. Another one is to give in a bigger way. Sure, we do what we can but imagine how much more you could do if you were truly rich.
Why You’re Not Rich?
If you’re already a millionaire and have 0 stress around money, I’ll excuse you and you can stop reading right here. If you’re not, then you can probably learn something from this.  The decisions I see being made by my clients every day are testament to why some are significantly more successful than others. As soon as you were born, you started filling your mental filing system with information to base your future adult decisions on. This info you stored away is the source of your decisions around money and your business.
I can see when clients will continue to make bad decisions for their business based on files that were downloaded to them by people who themselves had no money or no success around money. This is the single biggest reason why they are perpetually in the same miserable cycle of never having enough money.
The Test
So if you’re ready for it, here’s the test: Write down what you think  you’ll be making at the end of the year, say $300 000. Now put a 0 next to it and say to yourself “I’m going to make $3 000 000”. What is the first thought that pops into your head? For me, it was “I’ll have to work too hard”, for another friend it was “That’s impossible”, for another it was “I don’t need all that money”. Whatever thought first popped out for you, that’s the belief that’s in your filing system and every decision is made by that thought. Isn’t that scary?
So re-consider your files that cause your relationship to money and no matter what kind or level of business you’re in, you will benefit from accessing mental money files of more successful people than you.
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