The Disney Magic

After speaking at the first ever Disney Institute’s Women’s Leadership Summit, I got a chance to truly glimpse the Disney Magic. As a business consultant and Mom, I was fascinated to see the business end of Disney in action. What I saw was astounding.Here are just a few reasons why I think Disney is such a strong brand.

Doing Without Asking

The kindnesses that were done to us, even before we thought to ask for them were countless. Starting with the Disney Institute staff upgrading me and my family to stay at a concierge level Club room with a full-time buffet (I need a sugar detox now!). The kindnesses didn’t end there. Staff (aka cast members) greeted my family with our arm-bands (which serve as keys to the room, to the parks and to everything in between) at the lobby. They took us up without a single moment’s wait and onto the private access 12thfloor. 

Nobody Says Not My Job

From the floor manager to the chef, staff would go out of their way to help us with something as mundane as getting a bottle of water. No matter who we asked for what, even if it wasn’t their job, they dropped what they were doing to find out the answers in painstaking detail and solved our problem. For example, when we asked our restaurant server about the Disability pass (totally outside her realm), she put in a call to the powers-that-be and gave us really valuable information.

Details Details

Every detail at Disney had been thought of, especially for those with special needs. Because of my son being on the autism spectrum, we were advised to get the Disability Pass which enabled us to get a ‘return time’ at rides and not wait in the lineup. So we would go shopping or walk around during the wait time instead of being stuck in the line. We were so grateful because we hadn’t been able to get any Fastpasses and we were able to do a few rides even though Logan had had enough by noon and demanded to return to the room!

Hello Technology!

Even my little 10-year-old tech genius was impressed by an armband that pretty much acted as our key as well as our portable credit card (so dangerous for overspending!). The app that opened our door with our phone as well as helped us navigate our experience was truly up his alley. 

So, after spending some time at Disney, I no longer wonder at its brand strength. Its executional excellence backs up its genius marketing every step of the way. And that is sure a lesson for all of us business owners. The marketing might pull them in but the excellence will make them come back.

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  1. Teri

    Thanks for sharing Chala. Sounds like an amazing experience. Hope you get to go back next year! Love the idea of ‘the excellence’ bringing them back.


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