The Secret To Overcoming Sexism, Ageism or any Prejudice in Business

Are you hitting the glass ceiling with those nails?

Are you hitting the glass ceiling with those nails?

There are a lot of perceived prejudices in business. I’m going to stretch you to believe something you haven’t been taught to believe right now. I’m going to tell you that the real one secret to overcoming all limitations in business (and in life) is the most simple thing-it’s Excellence.

The Glass Ceiling Business Prejudice

Over the last 2 decades of my work life, I have lost count of all the Women’s Leadership conferences that I’ve attended where successful women speakers spoke of the fact that they had never met such discrimination in their careers. Some even frankly sounded puzzled about its existence because they’d worked hard, concentrated on their craft and made things happen. That’s because they only thought about Excellence. What you think about grows, remember.

The I’m Too Old Business Prejudice

This morning my Uber driver told me that he hadn’t been able to find another job after being re-structured because he had white hair. In fact, his older brother had gotten a job right after dying his own hair. I want you to pretend for one minute that you’re the hiring manager for a job and you have 2 candidates.  One candidate is  renowned in the industry for his intelligence and work-ethic. The other candidate is a complete unknown but just looks younger. Which would you hire? Age is just a number but it’s a real obstacle to people who would rather look at that than to look at how they can become Excellent.

The Corporations Don’t Want Spiritual Coaches Business Prejudice

If I had a dollar for every time I heard this from coaches, I’d already have my vacation home in Jamaica. Corporations or anyone for that matter only care that you are Excellent at what you do. When you’re Excellent, you innovate quicker, you provide better service and deliver higher quality results compared to anyone else in the market. The spiritual part becomes almost irrelevant and in some cases, becomes your main competitive differentiator.
So stop looking at reasons why you can’t succeed based on what your conditioning, your childhood and your environment has taught you. Think of a thousand ideas a day to become better at what you do and you’ll see how focusing on Excellence will break through each and every perceived barrier.
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