The top 3 strategies for your business to survive and thrive in the new digital economy.


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Digital is a dirty word for some, an exciting word for other small business owners. Either way, you have to know a little bit about it and if all you know is the below three tips, you’ve got it made.

1. Get customers into YOUR marketing system – not just “fans” on someone else’s:
Make sure that your marketing process drives fans from places like Facebook into a marketing sequence that you control – like an email marketing auto-responder for prospects, then one for your customer list.
2. Make regular offers to your existing customers:
A customer is the most valuable asset a business has – not finding what else you can offer them is a near-criminal waste of business resources and disservice for your clients.
3. Automate the followup:
A simple sequence of emails educating your customer on a product or service that would complement their purchase is one of the most effective ways of making a sale.
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Marketing books written 80 years ago are still relevant even in the digital age. How can that be? Well, marketing and selling are based on human emotions and reactions. That hasn’t fundamentally changed much over the years. So make sure you have a strategy that appeals to the right target with the right message and simply utilise digital means as one new channel to disseminate that message and to keep the communication with your community alive and well.
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