Uh-Oh: Do People Think You're a Bully?

I’ll never forget the heartbreak and shock of when I first started my work life and a colleague called me ‘pushy’. Since then, I’ve always kept a keen eye on what I’m doing and saying to avoid being perceived as such a vile thing. This article resounded with me because what if some of us are being a bully and don’t even know it…Read on to find the distinctions of bully versus motivator.

Threats vs. Clear Expectations
For one thing, a person will only perform the way you want as long as the threat is present. Additionally, you create the potential for bad behavior–dishonesty, hiding information, not asking for help.
Dialogue vs. Monologue
Using your power position to shut down conversation is bullying. By shutting down the conversation, you have not changed any one’s opinions or secured their commitment to your plan–you have just created discontented grumblers.
Attacks vs. Facts
When you go after intentions, personal style and what you deem to be an individual’s flaws, you get into trouble. You are on safer ground when you discuss the outcomes, data, and facts that need to change.

If you want to grow your small business and you recognise that you’re being a bully with your clients, suppliers or even kids, take a second look at how you can turn that around to make sure everyone comes out like a bright shining star.
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