How to Use Batman v Superman's Marketing For Your Small Business

superman v batman

Superman v Batman can teach you how to market!

Unlike the gory (ew) box office smash Deadpool’s innovative poo on a billboard marketing, there are less shocking and still creative ways that you can take a page out of the highly anticipated Batman v Superman’s marketing book to get leads for your small business.

Place a tongue-in-cheek advertorial article about yourself as if you’re a celebrated genius in the industry

As Warner Brothers did for Lex Luthor Jr. (played by Jesse Eisenberg)  in Fortune and Wired magazines. It gives a whole new meaning to the word advertorial. Just imagine sending that clipping to your next prospect! Do you think they’ll remember you?

Order a celebrity impersonation voiceover for your outgoing voicemail, out of office message or to leave a pre-recorded voicemail to a prospect

Amazon Echo is the first ever item Amazon was ever sold out of. An Echo orders you an Uber, plays your favourite music, reads recipes and so on. Its voice, Alexa (similar to Siri) was used in Batman v Superman marketing to create a murder mystery radio show about Gotham city and Bruce Wayne’s parents’ murder.  How creative is that? But what they’re really using is celebrity association. Using Alexa’s voice is a tech geek’s way of relating to the movie. What would it do to your prospects to get a voicemail from Trump or Obama or Oprah? It’s all about impact people.

Create a mock guide or a map about your industry

Compile buzz words, industry jokes, or a list of industry urban legends. Your imagination could take a ride on this one. Look at how Time Out magazine came out with Gotham and Metropolis versions of the city guide for the marketing of the movie. Why do all this? To stand out and break out of the sea of competitors, of course. Imagine giving such a guide as a door opener or an ice breaker to someone in the your target Industry? Think decision makers will notice you as an authority in the industry then?
If a $400 million dollar movie budget can be offset by these tactics, what’s the potential for your small business?
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