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In order to have it, you need to see it. Whatever your visions are for your life, future and business, you need to be able to visualize them first. When I work with a client, this is one of our first discussions. Corporations with no vision suffer; why should managers be any different?
Your vision and values drive you to succeed in business and in life. Leadership development experts no longer believe human beings to operate one way at work and another in their private life. There’s a more holistic approach to organizational behaviour these days. In other words, how effectively you align your vision and values with your actions dictates outcomes in your personal and professional life.
Constructing a vision collage is part of our coaching work; we examine the big picture to determine how to quickly get to your goals. Below are instructions on how to make your own collage, as well as a sample of my own vision.
Instructions on how to do an electronic collage:

  • Open up a fresh PowerPoint page where your collage will be made
  • Open up the webpage with this URL : www.gettyimages.com
  • Select Creative title
  • Select “The royalty free zone” title
  • In the Begin Search window on the right hand side, type in the image that you want pictures of (i.e. baby)
  • Press Begin Search’ button
  • Scroll down and select a picture you like and right click your mouse on the image
  • Select the Copy command
  • Open up the PowerPoint page of your collage and right click your mouse again on the blank page
  • Select the Paste command
  • Go back to the web page and repeat steps e-j for another image.
  • Move pictures around the page to blank spots so that they’re not on top of each other by left clicking , holding down the button and dragging the mouse to desired spot
  • Save your PowerPoint collage when finished

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