What On Earth Do I Blog About

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If I had a dollar for every time I heard this complaint from a client or any other business owner, I could retire and set up a life in Jamaica tomorrow. People are writhing in the pain of this question and refusing to do anything about it. Well, here’s a fool proof formula I use with my clients that will allow you to become a blogging sensation (ok, let’s not exaggerate, maybe you’ll at least become a regular blogger!)

The Rules Of Blogging

Before I give you the coveted answer to the question of ‘what do I blog about’ to grow my business, there are a few rules to follow. The golden ultimate rule is that you must blog regularly. Unless you’re getting in front of your prospects with meaningful content on a weekly or even monthly basis, you’re missing the blogging boat. The next rule is that it must be relevant to your target prospect. It can’t be everything to everyone. People will tune you out. The last is that it must be interesting. Add a little personality and even your own controversial opinions to spice things up. Nobody wants to read a boring blog. Trust me.

What Do I Blog About?

That isn’t the right first question to ask about blogging, actually. Your first question should be ‘Who should I blog to?’ Meaning who will be your target prospect who reads it. Again, this brings your messaging (blogging) in line with the fact that you might be missing a whole strategy around who to specifically target. You know that’s the case if you have too broad (all women business owners) or too general (mid sized businesses) a target. Instead, try targeting by industry (IT, Pharma etc.) or interest group (WBENC, Family owned businesses etc.)

Now What Do I Blog About?

Well, remember, you blog about what your target audience (your target prospects) care about. What do they care about? Their problems, of course. If you read my stuff, by now you know that 70% of people make a purchasing decision to solve a problem and only 30% to enhance something. So if your blog isn’t talking about their pain, it’s not valuable.

How To Title The Blog

Well, this is the easiest solution of all. Why don’t you go and talk to 10 of your prospects and ask them “What is a complaint or question that you have around (your topic of expertise) Accounting or Cloud Solutions?”. Then each of their answers becomes a blog title. For example, this blog title was born out of witnessing hundreds of entrepreneurs asking the question “What Do I Blog About?”. And it got you to read it because probably you’re my prospect (a B2B business owner) and probably, you have this very problem.

The Rest of Blogging Is Easy

Then you calendarize one pain quote from a prospect per week or month as a title and topic and the rest is easy. You just tell a great story or stories of how you helped others in the same industry in the same pain and what their results were. Easy peasy, as Jamie Oliver would say!
So stop making more excuses and get blogging. Your prospects are hungry for your knowledge and you can help with something as simple as a blog.
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