How I spent $8K on a Trade Show and Lost My Voice

Yes, there it was, the big-planned-for-exciting trade show I’d planned, plotted and saved up for. The day was here.

The Show

The first dance number I've seen at a biz conference

The first dance number I’ve seen at a biz conference

Suzanne Evans was a big deal for me. I’d wanted to meet her for a long time and I wasn’t disappointed. What started off the conference was a Broadway show number. That was a first for me!

The Trade Show

2015-05-29 19.59.30
My Booth Fairy and I at my booth

I had an 8-foot giant bullseye painted on a man’s chest sign made up. I hired a perfect stranger for a lot of money from a talent agency after interviewing beefcakes and over-excited cheerleaders. I had found my gal. She was great. We were ready.

2015-05-27 17.42.54

Suzanne making people cry with her truth-telling

Then slowly but surely my throat got itchy. It got scratchy, I started to cough. But I was meeting great people, enjoying the Dr.Phil/Suze Orman style troubleshooting that was going on from the stage.

Running it

2015-05-29 07.13.49

Then came the amazing 5K run. I didn’t think I could do it, even though I’m regularly beaten by my own trainer into torturous exercise, I had a bum knee. Miraculously at the last minute while we were in the lineup for our marathon numbers, a woman gave me a red bandanna-like tape and I didn’t even once feel my knee twinge while I ran the whole thing under 30mins. I was personally shocked. I don’t ever remember a business conference being so much fun. Sadly, I could only squeak out my congrats to the other runners.

Then It Goes

As day 3 of the show loomed, I had totally lost my voice. I would smile at people who came to the booth and they would ask me a question and I would open my mouth and air would come out, followed by a squeak. As we tried to move into a real conversation, a coughing fit would hit me and I would gasp out a few more words while water ran from my eyes. Needless to say, the conversations weren’t long.

Back Home

I have never been so relieved to be home and not have to talk to anyone.  Never been so grateful for my Nexus which allowed me to by-pass the humiliation of a customs interview. Luckily I have my voice back. It’s squeaky but it’s back and now I can follow up with folks and sound like a real human being.
The loss of my voice after investing  so heavily in my business was a real eye opener. It said so much about how important my ability to communicate is. I reflected a great deal on others with disabilities and how frustrated they must always feel with trying to express themselves. Spiritual friends always say getting sick causes spiritual growth in them. I’d like to think the same…so if you get a creaky call this week from a Canadian girl, you know exactly who I am.
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