When Shopping For a Shrink Bit Me In The Butt


That’s how confused I felt when shopping for a shrink

My darling hubby and I are determined to become better parents. So we attended a full weekend Parenting Boot camp with a famed child psychologist. We tried everything she taught us in class with our 6-year-old at home and it didn’t work. We quickly decided we needed more help.

The Help

When we asked if we could work one -on-one with the Boot camp leader (who is a renowned and published parenting expert), she informed us that she had a 4-month wait list. We’d already waited 6 years to fix our parenting and couldn’t wait anymore. So she gave us some names of other therapists.

The Confusion

When I emailed the referrals, I got an answer from one of them that said this:

I work from a strengths based approach so I would love it if you would both take the Strengths Finder assessment online – it takes about 35 uninterrupted minutes, and you will get an immediate return of a report on your top 5 strengths. It costs about $10 per person, and I think you will be encouraged by this information. We’ll use it in our coaching and i’ll help you notice when you are using a strength.
Let me know how this sounds. If you want to start, I can send you a link to the strengths assessment online.
Best wishes,
Leadership Coach
Positive Discipline Lead Trainer
Training and Coaching for Those Who Lead Kids at Home and at School.
I was really confused because I’ve used the assessment she mentioned in the corporate world and I thought I was being referred to a parenting expert. Then I dug further and went on her website and here’s what it said:
DC is an author, speaker and leadership coach. Over the last decade, D has served thousands of professionals through her trainings, individual coaching and coaching groups. A recovering school teacher and principal, D was certified as a Professional Co-Active Coach in 2000, and has worked with companies of all sizes from solo-prenuers to Fortune 100 companies to step up their presence as leaders.
My mind was in a whirl. Which was I to believe, that she’s an expert in children and parenting or solo-preneurs or Fortune 100 companies?

The Mis-Referral

When you are a business without a niche, one of the things that happen most often is that people mis-refer business to you. What does that mean? It means exactly what happened to us–you go through emails and set up elaborate phone meetings through weeks on end to land with someone who isn’t even close to being able to help you.
When a request for a family therapist referral landed us a leadership coach, I really had to talk about it in my blog. This is why you need a very specific focus for WHO you help and WHAT you sell. If you’re all things to everyone like this poor woman is trying to be, you lose the sale every time. Just like she unfortunately did with us.
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  1. Kathy Millette

    Certified Life Skills Coach.
    Professional Nanny
    (Mother of 2 sons, who are 26 & 29!)
    Ok, I am listening! You say you need help with your 6 year old son! I am available. We can do phone consultations or in person. We are in Barrie, ON. Canada. Where are you?!

    • Chala

      Thanks for reaching out Kathy, we’re all set for now! Readers with the same problem, call Kathy please, she sounds awesome.
      Take care,


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