Trump's Strong Marketing When The Product Is Weak

Strong Marketing is Entertaining Your Audience

Like him or not, he entertains

I am the least political person I know. I can’t help it, the topic bores me. Also, I’m Canadian so I have less of a vested interest in the recent elections in the US. However, as a business owner, this guy Trump’s marketing really rings my bell.
Nobody can figure out how he’s still in the running and neck to neck with Clinton as of today’s polls. While the laughter at him has slowly turned to disbelieving horror, all sorts of marketing experts are taking a stab at analyzing just what makes Mr. Trump so appealing to the masses. They are trying to decode his popularity even while he has less political experience, less tact and less tolerance–which in some people’s opinion makes him a weak product in the Presidential landscape.

The Trump Magic

My expertise on all things Trump can be summarized in a one-night hotel stay at the Trump Plaza in Chicago last year that I documented in a previous blog. His brand presence was so strong that he and his family was literally on every TV screen and magazine that was in the room, including the built-in bathroom mirror TV!! The Trump brand character of over-the-top luxury could be seen everywhere: in the designer water bar, the turndown service, the high-tech lighting and ‘do-not-disturb’ buttons, you name it! It was truly an experience.

Marketing On Emotions

Aside from the ubiquitous nature of the Trump brand (he was on TV a lot even before the elections), he has made the most inroads at the polls because of his incredible use of emotion in his campaign as opposed to Clinton’s more bureaucratic approach. I mean how can “Build The Wall”, “They’re Rapists!” compete with Clinton’s  “I have this old-fashioned idea: If you’re running for president, you should say what you want to do and how you will get it done.”? Trump is all emotions with no plans. Clinton is all plans and no emotions. Unfortunately in marketing, people buy on emotions. As a business owner, you can’t forget that or you’ll lose prospects if you keep harping on the features and benefits like Clinton.

Being Entertaining

Last year during the early televised debates in the US, I was staying at an AirBnB apartment in Salt Lake City with a very nice young married couple of corporate executives. They were both recent immigrants from vastly different parts of the world (India and Russia) and well educated individuals. These sophisticated people who never even turned on the TV during the whole time I was there, excitedly sat down to watch the political debates. When I asked what interested them so much about the discussion, they both admitted that they were waiting for Trump to say something outrageous and funny. I was floored. Clearly, they had more time on their hands than I did.
Later, when Trump started gaining in popularity, it always reminded me of their fascination with him. Trump simply is more entertaining. Tony Robbins always says that the artists, athletes and actors who change people’s states of emotion would always be the highest paid in any society because it’s a very hard thing to do. So, that’s what Trump does for people, he changes their states either with laughter or fear or scorn.
If you are an entrepreneur like me, take a closer look at how you could use emotions and be more visible and entertaining to market your business. Then enjoy the success and attention just like Trump seems to be doing right now.
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