What are you refusing to do to change your life?
What are you refusing to do to change your life?

Nothing lands responsibility more squarely on someone’s shoulder than to accept the title of this blog as truth (thank you David Neagle!). I love this truth because it helps me grow faster, to do more, to get me out of my own way and to inspire others to do the same.
Here’s how what you do or refuse to do play into your business and consequently your life:

When You Refuse To Change How You Think

Single for the 5th decade of your life? Still asking yourself how to create prospects out of thin air after years of owning your own business? You’ve probably been refusing to change how you think about things. Here’s an example from my own life. I used to think that only weirdoes and desperate people went online to date. I read one Anthony Robbins book and challenged this thinking. Roll to 3 years later, I was married to the man of my dreams who I met on-yes, a dating site. What thinking can you change around your business so you can change what you do or refuse to do in the selling and marketing of it?

When You Do The Same Things Every Single Day

We are programmed and conditioned robots according to neuroscientists. Our habits have made us into automatons who have built virtual synaptic highways that allow us to do exactly the same things, think exactly the same thoughts and get exactly the same results, every single day. What is possible for you if you go outside of your programming and do something different? I hired a 5-figure coach when I first started my business and it was the most shockingly scary and different thing I had ever done in my life. It ended up tripling my revenue in one year but what if I kept doing the same things I was used to every day, which was to invest in lower priced group programs and do-it-yourself online resources?

When You See The Same People

What you do and who you do it with are directly correlated to your life and business results. I can’t tell you how many networking groups I’ve been to where people continue to go year after year despite having gotten zero return on their membership cost or time invested into the meetings. They simply keep coming because by now they’re friends with these people and feel comfortable with them. When I suggest joining their target client’s industry association and going to those meetings instead, I’m stared at in horror and bafflement. Why would anyone leave their BFFs and venture out into a whole new group they don’t know? To get business of course. But don’t tell them that.

When You Quit As Soon As Something Bothers You

I have a unique gift. Sometimes I think it’s a curse. I’m sure some people think so..I have the ability to trigger people’s amygdala fight or flight fear response when I talk to them about their deep seated fears that are keeping them from growing their business. Sometimes it’s their money mindset and conditioning around scarcity, other times it’s about false assumptions and beliefs they’ve embraced. You name it, I’ve met it head on. When people get triggered by what I’m saying or writing, it’s because on some level they recognize that there is change needed for new outcomes. And Change is threatening. Therefore, they quit their dreams, blaming the message, the messenger, the program, the person or whatever is threatening their programmed conditioning. And that breaks my heart but I never stop trying to illuminate whomever I talk to because the truth about why I couldn’t grow my business was a gift that changed my life and I want to do the same to as many people as I can.

When You Rationalize Yourself Away From Risk

By now you know that everything you’ve ever learned in your life is programmed to keep you from change because to the subconscious, change means risk . I’ve heard people rationalize away from risk by stating their ‘instincts were telling them No’, or their spiritual guides didn’t think it was the right time, or their spouse wouldn’t agree and it would jeopardize their marriage or they just needed to go get a few more clients before moving to the next price level and so on and so on. In their heads these reasons to move away from risk are absolutely rational and sane. However, it keeps them stuck exactly where they are.
So if you believe that Your Success is a Direct Result Of What You Will or Won’t Do and you’re not happy with how successful you are, then why not try to do something else?
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