You're Not Short On Time, You're Short On Direction

Lack of direction is why you’re time-starved

One of my favourite things to hear from clients before we work together is that they can’t grow their business because they have no extra time. Research shows that this simply isn’t true. Americans work 12 hours less than they did during an average week as compared to 40 years ago! Yet 71% say that their to-do list contains more than they know they will accomplish. This time-starved phenomenon is even more noticeable in small businesses where the CEO of a small company is doing everything. Here’s why their problem isn’t a lack of time but a lack of direction:

Who Do We Go After?

This is easily the number one reason why a company doesn’t have the time to grow. They are attacking every different market and industry and expecting to make an impact. Sure, they convert a few prospects now and then but their efforts are so diluted that they can’t ever leave a lasting impressing on any one industry or interest group. This causes-you guessed it-a waste of time. (not to mention money and other resources).

Where Do We Find Them?

The other part of the equation of not knowing  who to go after is to guess at where the biggest business prospects might be lying around waiting to meet them. If businesses aren’t clear on what industry they target, it will certainly be a time-sucker to frequent every show and networking meeting to try to find qualified decision makers. Sadly, I’ve seen people waste literally YEARS before they figure out that where they fish isn’t converting to real opportunities. People keep going to the same places because they simply don’t know where else to go.

What Do We Say To Keep Them Interested?

Once a business owner does find a qualified buyer and scores a phone call or a meeting, then what do they have say to keep them interested?  After all 86% of B2B buyers see no real difference between suppliers. Research shows that what companies think is different about their offering often isn’t something relevant or meaningful to the buyer.  So they waste their time and the prospect’s and the meeting goes nowhere. Can you see how a lack of strategy and direction is really the culprit here and not time?

I’m Not Comfortable Selling Anyways

Aaaaand the truth finally comes out when I press most clients. The thing that they least enjoy is the one that gets put off to the next day and the day after that. Pretty soon, they’re coasting on referrals and word-of-mouth business growth. Not only that but they’re hiding in the busyness of working in the business and not on the business, justifying their actions under the guise of “customers come first”. These CEOs often forget that you can’t plant a harvest in the same season that you can pick the crop.  If a business owner doesn’t want to sell, they really shouldn’t own a business. It’s as sad and simple as that…
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