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Eye-Catching Email Subject Lines to Catapult Your Open Rates
Come on, fess up–did this email headline get your interest? Well, hopefully if you’re reading this it did. I’m also guessing that you’re a fairly busy person, drowning in emails. In the sea of emails, you might be asking yourself “what cuts the mustard with emails that get opened versus those that hit the trashcan before even getting a quick eyeball?”
Here are 5 tips for killer Subject lines that will make sure that super busy and important people like you actually open YOUR emails.
1. It’s All About Me Me Me
Steve Young, an email marketing guru tested the same subject line that I used above in a cold email and got a 70% open rate along with a 25% conversion rate to the webinar he was selling. The critical thing was that he mentioned where he’d seen the person’s picture and complimented them on it. When you say anything personal about the recipient of the email, it’s guaranteed to get attention.
2. Speak To My Pain Or Pleasure
To have me at hello, you’ve got to have something relevant to MY pain or pleasure. An example would be “Is Marketing More Difficult When Your Business Is Spiritual?” or on the pleasure spectrum, something like “Want Your Spice Up Your Lead Life?”.
3. Intrigue Me
Get me interested in your email with a subject line like what my client sent me this morning after our chat about her director of operations quitting without notice “The Universe Is Amazing!” or like my recent email with the subject title “When My Husband Cheated” which still holds the record for my highest open rate really get the juices flowing.
4. Promise To Be Short And Sweet
“Super short, time sensitive request”, “quick question — can you help?”, “short email intro” are all great subject lines to capture the scanning eyeball that’s in a dead hurry to get through the rest of their inbox. When you state what you need upfront and even in your subject line, you’ll get a quicker response.
Email is free, effective and efficient as a marketing tool. Learn to use it better and see your leads soar.
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