7 Shark Tank Tips For The Perfect Pitch


Resident Shark “QVC Queen” Lori Grenier knows a thing or two about pitching. Selling out of anything she pitches on QVC, she’s also been on the receiving end of hundreds of Shark Tank pitches. In this Inc.com article, she has 7 tips to share with us entrepreneurs for a perfect pitch. As a pitch coach,… continue reading »

Our Pitch Sucks But We're Growing Anyway


I’ve been conference coaching for the past 2 days. Conference Coaching is where I give free advice for a private, 20 minute session to a company’s CEO about what they can do to sell or market better. One of the common things I’ve been hearing from CEOs is that they need help in fixing their Elevator… continue reading »

People Don't Understand What We Do From Our Pitch


Do you know when a CEO or a sales rep delivers their elevator pitch and people have NO clue what they actually do for a living? Well, it actually happens all the time. Sadly resulting in no sales and no next appointment, nothing. Just confusion and an awkward smile in response. Here’s why it’s happening and what to… continue reading »

Unfortunate Elevator Pitches I Can Never Un-hear


I recently came back from a Women’s Diversity Conference where I keynoted about how to Pitch and then had the pleasure of listening to hundreds of women entrepreneurs pitch to corporate buyers. The experience was a mixed one. In some cases, my advice had landed appointments and lots of interest from buyers and other businesses… continue reading »

People Have Money, They Just Don't Like Your Pitch


One of my business heroes Gary V was speaking at a recent conference I was at. A woman who owned a nutrition consulting business in the audience asked Gary how she could make people want to buy from her since most told her they had no money for her services. In typical Gary V style,… continue reading »

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