Marketing Mistake: Lack of a Super-Niche

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Mike Lander Welcome to the Naked Marketing podcast where we get honest about marketing mistakes! On the show today we have Mike Lander, CEO of Piscari Ltd from the UK. Mike specializes in helping marketing agencies negotiate better deals when working with big clients’ procurement people. He tells us about his… continue reading »

Deep Dive with Greg Bray, President

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Join me as I welcome Greg Bray, President of Blue Tangerine to this episode of Deep Dive. Greg explains how his digital marketing agency evolved into a super niche focusing on home builders. He explains how they later pivoted when the bottom dropped out of their niche industry.   We discuss how COVID has impacted the… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake: Not Using Humour to Fix Mistakes

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, David Henzel Join me as I welcome David Henzel, Founder of upcoach, on today’s episode of the Naked Marketing podcast where we get honest about marketing. David is a successful entrepreneur with a portfolio of companies, including podcast, lead research, digital marketing, and help desk services, as well as upcoach, a… continue reading »

What Type of Content Is Still King? (research)


In the wild world of the pandemic, content isn’t just still king, it’s now more valuable than ever. Streaming services are booming. Education and entertainment are at an all time high. And marketers are definitely not missing that boat of the online ‘captive audiences’. Here’s some research done by SalesIntel to prove that content is… continue reading »

Polish My Pitch Podcast episode fifty two with Greg Bray, President

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I was thrilled to welcome Greg Bray, President of Blue Tangerine, a digital marketing agency, on my latest episode. I was excited to polish Greg’s pitch, partly because it was so brief.   In Greg’s pitch, he identified his target market niche, home builders, and how he helps his clients. I asked him some questions to… continue reading »

Lawyer Appears as Kitten on Zoom


Zoom fatigue is hitting all of us. But this hilarious event where a lawyer couldn’t take off his kitten zoom filter in court has a ton of lessons for our businesses. Prep is Everything When a lawyer borrowed his assistant’s laptop to join the proceedings in a Texas courtroom Zoom meeting, things took a strange… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake: Sales and Marketing Departments Don’t Talk

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Naked Marketing - YouTube Thumbnail - Episode 2 - Romina Muhametaj - Sales and Marketing Departments Don't Talk

Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest Romina Muhametaj In today’s episode of the Naked Marketing podcast, I get honest about marketing mistakes with Romina Muhametaj, CEO & Founder of Six 7 Radius LLC. Romina assists clients with marketing and sales, as well as helping with podcasting. Listen as Romina explains how she got into podcasting while working… continue reading »

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