75% of Brands Could Disappear and Nobody Would Care


A recent research showed that three-quarters of brands could stop existing and consumers wouldn’t care and would find a replacement. As a B2B marketing coach, I’m thinking that if consumer brands that pour Millions into their brand awareness and engagement face this, what chance does small businesses stand? Here are ways to stay relevant and… continue reading »

Meetings That Go Nowhere


Sales Meetings, that is..In fact, B2B sellers waste, on average, over $38,000** per year in direct costs on meetings that go nowhere and 62% of initial meetings do not progress to next meeting.***  As the purchaser of services for 18 years I have a few secrets that I teach my clients on what to do to make sure that you… continue reading »

Deep Dive with Chris Dayley

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Today on Deep Dive I chat with Chris Dayley about his business, Smart CRO which helps businesses improve their conversion rates by 30%. Chris tells us the story of how he got into the industry, starting with search engine optimization (SEO), and how that led him to start his conversion business. You won’t want to… continue reading »

Polish My Pitch Podcast episode fifty five with Chris Dayley

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Join me in welcoming Chris Dayley to this episode of Polish My Pitch! Chris’s business, Smart CRO, helps businesses with conversion rate optimization so their websites are more profitable. Because “70% of humans purchase based on pain,” I suggested that Chris adds a pain statistic around optimization to better illustrate the need for his service…. continue reading »

Your Presentations Are Boring


Hey, don’t kill the messenger, I didn’t make this up. A study by Polleverywere found that there were 35 Million PowerPoint presentations given each day to an audience of over 500 Million people. And the sad part? 79% of them said that the presentations were: you guessed it-boring. And I have more bad news: the… continue reading »

Deep Dive with Marty Park, President

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In today’s episode, we welcome Marty Park, President of Evolve Business Group, a coaching, training and execution company. Listen as Marty explains how he helps business owners overcome barriers to move forward with their business goals. Marty shares the story of how he started his first business at the young of age 21, how he… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 6: Thinking Credentials Sell

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Tom Antion On today’s episode of the Naked Marketing podcast, I’m joined by Tom Antion, President of Screw the Commute. A seasoned entrepreneur with over four decades of experience, Tom built his multi-million dollar internet business in four years. Tom shares how he uses his expertise to build an online education… continue reading »

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