B2B Website Mistakes 2022 Edition


73% of B2B buyers look at the supplier’s website before contact. Especially now that most buyers have claimed that in-person purchasing is going to become a thing of the past. Your website has never been more important. What mistakes could be turning off those corporate buyers even before they hit Enter? Brochure vs. Lead Funnel… continue reading »

6 Super-Niches That Are Exploding in 2022


Thanks to the pandemic, 2021 was called the ‘decade-in-a-year’. That’s where the world had to compress adapting to new things they’d normally adapt to in 10 years, to doing it in just one. Grandmothers learned to Zoom. Babies joined online kindergarten. It was a whiplash and a half for most of us. Entire industries were… continue reading »

How To Know When it’s Time to Reposition


The name of my company, The Repositioning Expert was created by my coach when she noticed that most clients who came to me for business development help were leaving with a whole new niche and positioning. With this new positioning, they were finding a lot more opportunities than before. Therefore, I become the ‘Repositioner’. So… continue reading »

Pandemic Networking


In person networking has started slowly to emerge from the ashes but it’s still iffy. Uncertainty rules. People are still hesitant. Organizers aren’t banking on filling event seats anymore. So how does a business owner continue to network online to get new clients, referral partners and suppliers? Here’s how… Clarify The biggest skill you will… continue reading »

B2B Upselling and Cross-selling 101

chala ,

The surefire way to get more revenue from your existing client base is the magic of up and cross-selling. Let’s break down and unpack this beast so you can finally dip your toe into this never-ending pool of opportunity. Just so we’re all on the same page: Upselling is selling the something and making it… continue reading »

5 Things Your Sales Team Should Stop Doing


Sophie became my client when she realized that her sales team was converting sales very slowly. They couldn’t get enough appointments on the books and it often took close to a year to finalize and close sales from these appointments. When she saw me present about this very topic, she hired me to help. Here’s… continue reading »

Sales Meeting Ninja Success Tricks


What’s a Ninja trick? In my mind at least, it’s being able to do something super smoothly and perfectly with no effort. That’s what I think of when I talk about ninja success tricks. And luckily a marketing company called Gong has analyzed hundreds of sales meetings in 2021 to come up with some very… continue reading »

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