97% Buyers Buy On Testimonials


Asking a friend has a whole new meaning when it comes to buying. In fact, Nielsen research says that 92% of consumers say that they look for peer recommendations. It’s no different in B2B buying. In this world, testimonials and reviews are the second most important criteria for purchase (direct recommendation is the first one)…. continue reading »

Is Cold Calling Dead?


Less than a fifth of marketers think that cold calls still get leads (Hubspot research). Why is this happening and what should small businesses be doing instead? Generational Preference By 2025, three quarters of the work force are going to be Millennials. Yes, those people who were born using technology who hate to actually speak… continue reading »

6 Ways To Start a Presentation To Wow


Recently I did a post on the fact that buyers bounce from your presentation in 15 seconds. How do you stop them in their tracks and make them pay attention from the start? Say Something Controversial As the hallmark of best-in-class speeches, TED talks provide a rich teaching ground for learning how to wow an… continue reading »

15s For Buyers To Ignore A Presentation


Having written a book called “How to Make Anyone Like You in 7s or Less”, I find it easy to believe that it takes 15 seconds for buyers to look at your presentation deck and decide to ‘bounce’, ie. ignore it. Here are some other eye-popping stats from a recent survey by storydoc.com of 100K… continue reading »

Swag That Sells


I have been the conference queen this year (luckily) and have been seeing all sorts of swag cross my path. Money and thought has been poured into a lot of them but sadly most are not strategic or memorable. Except one that was handed to me by coincidence from a recent participant in my latest… continue reading »

Speaking Less Sells More


Ever heard of the 43:57 Rule? It has to do with how less talking actually converts to more sales. Here’s how: Why We Talk More Research shows that talking activates the same pleasure centres as cocaine, sex and food. (Source: Mini Philosophy, Johnny Thompson). But is it hurting your sales? The 43:57 Rule Analysis of… continue reading »

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