Getting Decision Makers To Talk To You


One of the biggest struggles of small businesses selling to large corporations is the inability to get a decision maker’s attention or time. It’s the first hurdle that we overcome with my clients since our first month’s work involves doing one on one interviews with targeted decision makers. Here’s what I teach them and how… continue reading »

58% Marketers Don’t Know Their Target


Have you been wracking your brain about why your marketing ROI is in the toilet? Wonder no more…Hubspot surveyed 1200 marketers recently and almost half (42%) only knew their target audience’s basics like demographics, name and location. Less than half knew about their interests, purchasing history, buying decision tree or where and how they consumed… continue reading »

How To Get A Buyer’s Attention


I’ve attended 3 procurement events in the last 3 weeks and all had one thing in common: small businesses vying for corporate buyer attention. In my observations, I divided the people who got and lost that attention from those who turned it into an actual appointment with the buyer. I call each category Dry Attention… continue reading »

5 Tells That You’re NOT a Growth Minded Leader


A 2022 McKinsey research shows that a quarter of companies don’t grow. In fact, one research found that only a tenth of S&P 500 companies grew over GDP for a period of 30 years! All the research has suggested that growth actually is a Decision. It’s not an accident or happenstance. Analysis shows that growth… continue reading »

3 Fears To Tap Into In Your Marketing


A 2017 UC Berkeley study showed that people’s decisions (including purchasing) were disproportionately swayed by improbable but decidedly negative events. This outweighing of negative consequences when making judgements is something marketers have long been using in their tactics to influence buyers. Here’s how you can also make use of it in your marketing messaging: Extreme… continue reading »

How To Prep For A Sales Meeting


89% of sales meetings fail according to Forrester research. Having lorded over such meetings as a buyer of services for 18 years and having helped clients actually close these meetings for the past decade, here are some important things to consider before your next big corporate sales meeting. Be An Industry Expert I can’t stress… continue reading »

Make Google Loove (not a typo) You


How do you get into fickle Google’s black heart (for those of you who have a love-hate relationship with Google, that is!)? How do you become a favourite searched business owner or business? Well, it all starts and ends with one thing: Becoming a Topic Expert. Voice Search One of the biggest trends in search… continue reading »

Shock and Awe Marketing To Woo A Giant


Account Based Marketing, the art of using big budgets and laser focused targeting (hence my use of the term ‘Shock and Awe’) has always existed. Now, it’s hailed as the number one B2B emerging marketing tactic to land giant new contracts. Here are the steps I take my clients through to plan out a Shock… continue reading »

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