79% of Leads Never Convert


“Chala, another one said ‘no’, I’m just so frustrated with this selling thing!” said a business owner friend. She was overwhelmed by how much time, effort and money she had sunk into her marketing and how little it was helping her and her team close more sales. Little did she know that a recent Salesforce… continue reading »

What Type of Content Is Still King? (research)


In the wild world of the pandemic, content isn’t just still king, it’s now more valuable than ever. Streaming services are booming. Education and entertainment are at an all time high. And marketers are definitely not missing that boat of the online ‘captive audiences’. Here’s some research done by SalesIntel to prove that content is… continue reading »

Post Pandemic Marketing


Businesses are just now coming out of the storm of the pandemic. And there’s a lot of good news and new direction in this recent research conducted by the AMA and Deloitte about marketing in the aftermath of Covid. Marketing Is King There is a return of optimism in the market about the US economy,… continue reading »

Suffering In Business


In Dan Pink’s book “To Sell is Human”, he asked research participants for the first word that came to mind when they heard the words ‘sales’ or ‘selling’. Guess what wonderful words were most mentioned? “Pushy, hard, ugh, yuck, sleazy, annoying, slimy, dishonest”. Nice, isn’t it? In fact, 80% of the words had a negative… continue reading »

Need Cash Now? Stop Marketing


A business owner I was speaking to this week was bemoaning the lack of new clients due to covid. He had been working like crazy, doing everything his online coaching program told him to do. And here’s why he was getting nowhere and how you can shift things around for your business if you’re in… continue reading »

Brands People Loved More During Covid


A new research by brand agency MBLM revealed how people fell more in love with certain brands after covid. The study was called the Brand Intimacy Covid Study. Why should we give a rip? Because apparently people are willing to pay 20% more for a brand that has a higher intimacy rating. That’s not all… continue reading »

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