Clients Who Back Out


The ugly face on the down side of the big high of a new sale is when the client backs out in a severe case of buyer’s remorse. But there are ways that you can prevent it and reposition it so that you never have to be disappointed in this way again. Welcome Gift As… continue reading »

7 Shark Tank Tips For The Perfect Pitch


Resident Shark “QVC Queen” Lori Grenier knows a thing or two about pitching. Selling out of anything she pitches on QVC, she’s also been on the receiving end of hundreds of Shark Tank pitches. In this Inc.com article, she has 7 tips to share with us entrepreneurs for a perfect pitch. As a pitch coach,… continue reading »

75% of Brands Could Disappear and Nobody Would Care


A recent research showed that three-quarters of brands could stop existing and consumers wouldn’t care and would find a replacement. As a B2B marketing coach, I’m thinking that if consumer brands that pour Millions into their brand awareness and engagement face this, what chance does small businesses stand? Here are ways to stay relevant and… continue reading »

Your Presentations Are Boring


Hey, don’t kill the messenger, I didn’t make this up. A study by Polleverywere found that there were 35 Million PowerPoint presentations given each day to an audience of over 500 Million people. And the sad part? 79% of them said that the presentations were: you guessed it-boring. And I have more bad news: the… continue reading »

Cool Messaging Examples That Convert


I follow a pretty cool 25-year-old marketing guru named Harry. His company is called Marketing Examples. Being less than half my age, I’m pretty impressed with some of his messaging suggestions. Here are a few reminders for you, from him: Don’t Collect, Serve If you know enough about marketing and that your main objective is… continue reading »

79% of Leads Never Convert


“Chala, another one said ‘no’, I’m just so frustrated with this selling thing!” said a business owner friend. She was overwhelmed by how much time, effort and money she had sunk into her marketing and how little it was helping her and her team close more sales. Little did she know that a recent Salesforce… continue reading »

What Type of Content Is Still King? (research)


In the wild world of the pandemic, content isn’t just still king, it’s now more valuable than ever. Streaming services are booming. Education and entertainment are at an all time high. And marketers are definitely not missing that boat of the online ‘captive audiences’. Here’s some research done by SalesIntel to prove that content is… continue reading »

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