The New Normal of Conferencing


Nothing is the same in business post-covid. Why should conferences remain the same? And so it was that I spoke at my first large conference with thousands of attendees a few weeks ago. Here’s what you can expect at your next conference or big event: Travel More Painful At least Internationally. I had to jump… continue reading »

Request For Proposal Winning Secrets


I had the pleasure of teaching an RFP training at last week’s WBENC conference. To prepare, I dug deep into what I knew as a former purchaser of services at Pepsi-Cola, Pizza Hut, Frito-Lay for 18 years, and I looked up some recent research about how to win at these mysterious events. Here are some… continue reading »

Maybe It’s Not Your Messaging


Ever wonder why you have no or low marketing ROI? Maybe it’s not because your message is bad. Even though messaging is the most critical part of a marketing strategy, plenty else could be going wrong for you. Here are a few things that might be happening… Outreach A client and I spent a month… continue reading »

The Cost Of Not Listening


Listening seems like the most logical thing to do in business, doesn’t it? Yet everyday, I see the heavy cost that businesses pay for not listening. I see it in the news, in my practice and all around me. Here is my breakout on where you, the business owner need to listen best and some… continue reading »

5 Common Traits of Clients Who Crush It


After my most recent testimonial interview with a client, I started to think about what is different amongst the people who hire me and succeed vs those who don’t. If you’re also interested in business growth, you might want to take a look at the list yourself… Are Motivated The kind of client that I… continue reading »

The Art of Stealing (Curating) Content


Most of my clients go one of two ways about creating newsletters, blogs or videos: They outsource or stay silent. Either way is not optimal since outsourcing it often turns into a generic soup of mishmash that blends in with what everyone else is saying in the market. And we all know the consequences of… continue reading »

Why Referral Based Businesses Are Weaker


Do you know that most small businesses I meet are referral based? In fact, a research by thinkimpact.com reveals that 75% of B2B decision are made based on word-of-mouth recommendations. It’s no wonder that 65% of B2B leads come from referrals. Referrals are awesome. They are free (unless you pay a referral fee or have… continue reading »

How To Know If Your Price Is Right


Thanks to the war and the post-pandemic inflation, price increases are affecting every facet of our lives and businesses. When you are selling a product, it’s easier to price it. After all, there’s your cost of product, then transportation, then packaging and your margin to base your price on. But when it comes to pricing… continue reading »

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