When Entrepreneurs Commit Suicide


Entrepreneurs brace yourselves, this week’s blog is a dark one…It might shock you to know that the stress and the extreme highs and lows of entrepreneurship cause so much anxiety that it actually leads to suicides. Shockingly Common In fact according to CAMH 49% of all Canadians have thought of suicide and have never admitted it… continue reading »

7 Cold Calling Mistakes That Make You Look Like an Amateur

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Cold calling is not dead. Yes, I rarely cold call to get clients but often have to cold call to get speaking engagements. One way or another, cold calling is inescapable. Here are some things to avoid so that you stop looking like a nervous rookie when you do pick up that phone. 1. Use manipulative… continue reading »

3 feet from gold*

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I’m re-reading Napoleon Hill’s famous book on positive thinking called ‘Think and Grow Rich’. It’s making my mind itch and stretch as it’s meant to. The story of Mr. Darby, the gold explorer who gave up on mining the ore because he unknowingly had hit a fault line—3 feet beyond which lay the vein full… continue reading »

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