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Full disclosure–while I have gotten 5 clients in a month, I don’t every month. The point is, I know how to. I help my clients do this everyday. Here are a few ways you can do it too.
Public Speaking
The key to getting blocks of clients  to sign up is to position yourself as an expert in front of large groups of people. It just makes sense from a conversion stand point. Also critical (see my post about getting clients from speaking) is the offer for the next step that you do from the stage towards the end of your talk.
Trade Shows
These offer hordes of people who have come to the same location as you, specifically for the purpose of finding out about new products or services to purchase. The best strategy for trade shows is to be unique. If you sell training, don’t go to a Training and Development show, do what a clever trainer I met did and go to say, the Army show. This trainer said there were no competitors and he walked away with so much business that he made his year.
Hot deal or new product launch
A real huge influx of new clients is possible when you have an excuse to call your stack of business cards (I know you have one too) to talk about your new product launch or your hot price that’s time sensitive on an existing service or product. I did it when I launched my group coaching program and it worked!
Seminars or Webinars
Even a half day seminar that I did gave me 5 clients. The key was to have the right people and to pepper the audience with existing clients who were able to talk about their experience of working with me. Similarly, webinars where you have the chance to talk to (even though it’s one way) large numbers of people can result in blocks of new client signups.
So, the more you’re infront of people in large masses, the more 5 new client months you can have. Remember, visibility is money.
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