Did watching this video make you feel good inside? Well, apparently you should remember that feeling and think of it at least once everyday if you want to change the thoughts that you’ve become addicted to which might be limiting your success.
At least that’s what I learned this weekend where my mind was blown away by a seminar by Dr.Joe Dispenza, scientist extraordinaire and author of the best-selling book ‘You Are the Placebo’.
Omg is all I can say. I learned the scientific reason why some of my clients get stuck even if they have the perfect marketing plan. It’s the same reason why I’ve been stuck all my life at the same level of income until very recently.
Here is how it all works:
1. You have an experience (usually when you’re a kid): Your Dad works even while he’s sick, too scared to call in a sick day to work because he’s afraid of being let go. Your Mom is the coupon lady. Money is a topic of stress.
2. Then you have a thought: You have to work really hard to make a lot of money
3. Then your brain produces a chemical and sends it to the appropriate response organ (something called neuropeptides activate the gut hormones for example)
4. Then you feel an emotion: probably fear around money or sadness that your family is going through hardship
5. Then your body is now craving that same hormone because it’s addicted to it, so it asks the mind to produce the same type of thought
6. Then your mind thinks another thought that’s similar to produce a similar hormone: It is really hard to be a success
7. Then the body says ‘oh, thank you for sending me that chemical so I can produce the same hormone, I was really missing that!’
8. Then your brain keeps firing the same thought pattern that produces the same chemicals that produces the same hormones in your body.
9. What fires together wires together. This is when your body literally becomes your mind since it keeps telling the mind what to feel to feed it’s addiction to the hormone.
10. Your thoughts become a habit
11. Your thoughts become your attitude
12. Your thoughts create your destiny
Dr.Joe argues that this is where all disease comes from and where all your limitations come from. To break this vicious addiction and to have different outcomes, you need to bring up and fire different thoughts that produce different and positive results such as ‘it’s easy to make money’. You have to dedicate time every day to do this otherwise you can’t rewrite your brain and body.
I am still floating on a cloud and buzzing with my own possibilities. What about you?
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9 comments on “What I'm Addicted To

  1. There is so much in this video that moves me. To fall flat on her face (see slow-motion replay); a split-second decision to get up, recover, and come from behind; and then actually finish ahead of her peers….that’s resilience at its ultimate. And, she finished with such grace. No fanfare (spike-dance). Determination and resilience along with grace and elegance in mind, body, and spirit.

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