5 Emails You Should Never Send

I’m (fortunately) not old enough to have started my working life before the invention of the internet. In those times, I don’t know if people spoke to each other more before email but I’ve lived every facet of every interesting interaction on email during my 20 years of professional life. Here is a great article about some bad stuff to avoid doing on email:

1. The Rant
It’s always a bad idea to write an email when you’re angry or upset.
2. The Scandal Sheet
Heres the rule: Never send an email that contains anything that you wouldn’t want everyone to know that you said.
3. Marketing Spam
Only send marketing emails when there has been a specific “opt in.” An “opt out” isn’t good enough.
4. Bad News
It’s cowardly to use email to avoid dealing with other people’s emotions.
5. The Time Waster
Don’t stuff your colleagues’ mailboxes with content unless you’re absolutely certain it’s relevant.
via 5 Emails You Should Never Send.

So take a look at your outbox and look at what you should never have sent and maybe you can use that extra time to get more work done!
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