5 Tech Time Wasters and How to Avoid Them

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Even as a small business growth coach, I am the least technical person you’ll meet. Every time my computer obsessed dad would call me over to tell me about a new and amazing thing he’d found online, I’d glaze over and paste a polite smile on my face. Poor guy. When I saw this list of tech time wasters I was intrigued because even though I’m so non technical, I waste time with these things too! See if you do and what you can do about it:

Time Killer No. 1: Email
Not even counting the endless junk mail that clogs your inbox, answering all of your work emails can be daunting.
Time Saver: Take control of your inbox
Process emails instead of merely checking them by deciding to either delete, respond, or file for later action.
Time Killer No. 2: To-do list apps 
With some apps, you can spend more time actually gardening your lists than performing the tasks.
Time Saver: Keep it simple
Simplifying approaches –(my note here: use paper and write 3 things you have to do today or bust trying)
Time Killer No. 3: Social media
Updating company pages and responding to your followers can be a full-time job.
Time Saver: Limit yourself
You can limit your daily use.
Time Killer No. 4: Instant messaging
When friends and family constantly interrupt your workday with idle chatter.
Time Saver: Use it sparingly
Create a separate IM account for work and don’t give this username out to friends and family.
Time Killer No. 5: Talking on the phone
Smartphones can be conversation killers and meeting stallers if you continually answer them every time they ring.
Time Saver: Screen your calls
Let calls go to voicemail. If you must, listen to it immediately and only return the call if it’s crucial.
via 5 Tech Time Wasters and How to Avoid Them.

You want to own technology to grow your business not be owned by it. If you know you’re guilty, take heart–you’re not alone and there is a way around it.
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