5 Tips to Help Your Marketing Messages Sing

A New Guinea Singing Dog, singing.

A New Guinea Singing Dog, singing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Marketing– that often feared and sometimes hated dirty word. It really only means getting in front of people who need your help desperately and telling them that you can help them. How do you do it effectively, here’s an article with some very valid points:

1. Clarify thoughts.  Can you describe your product or service clearly and succinctly? What qualities differentiate your offerings from others in the industry? How will customers benefit?
2. Energize descriptions. Pinpoint the specific advantages of products and services, and convey a sense of urgency: “Save time and money now!”
3. Create snapshots. Phrases like “family owned and operated” or “dedicated to giving back to the community” will help clients connect with your humanity and commitment.
4. Simplify sentences.  Make your thoughts easy to digest by using words that readers recognize, like “giant,” rather than chasing them to a dictionary to define “behemoth.”
5. Refine drafts. Simplify and polish every word to help the essence of your company, identity and message rise to the top.

If everyone who needed your help knew that you understood their pain immediately and deeply and could help, wouldn’t they be running after you and not the other way around? If your ‘marketing message’ could sing like that, wouldn’t you be singing a different tune?


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