7 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress Now

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I just got back from a weekend away and it’s now back to work Monday. I must admit I feel ALOT better about Mondays since I started my business growth coaching practice full-time. However, stress comes in all forms. Positive stress, son having tantrum stress, parents not getting younger stress. You name it! Here in this article I read this morning, were surefire ways to relieve some right now:

1. Count your breath.  Counting the length of your inhale and exhale and gradually lengthening how long you take to exhale will help counter this stress response.
2. Sing it out. If sitting quietly and counting your breaths sounds impossible or unappealing, you can sing or hum to achieve a similar effect.
3. Drink more water. When your hydration level drops by even 2 percent, your ability to do simple math and make decisions is disrupted.
4. Do a body scan. Redirecting your focus away from your worries and toward your physical body for a minute or two can help alleviate stress.
5. Keep vacation photos handy.  When you feel stressed, look at an image for a moment, close your eyes and try to imagine all the sensations you were feeling in that place–what you saw, smelled, felt, heard and tasted.
6. Create a ritual. Instead of rushing to grab a cup of coffee or scarfing a snack, make a ritual of it, says Puddicombe.
7. Laugh out loud. Humor is the opposite of stress, according to John Morreall, president of Williamsburg, Va.-based Humorworks, which focuses on using humor in team-building exercises and other workplace activities.
via 7 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress Now.

If you’re not stressed and you’re growing your small business, I want to meet you! I have so much positive stress right now from experiencing the highs of my first group program launch, to helping my clients market their own very first events, I can barely see straight. I will be using at least 6 of these 7 tips today and that’s a promise to myself!
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