Are You a Peddler … or a Seller?

Love that picture of a used car salesman. I had such a friend and he didn’t look like that and had a lineup of people with money in their pockets waiting for him to show the cars. He drove a better car and lived in a nicer house that I ever will…Regardless, you get the idea that Peddlers are supposed to be kinda shady and untrustworthy. Sellers are supposed to be just the opposite. See in this article what your behaviour with your clients stacks you up as:


  • Try to close a deal as quickly as possible
  • Brag about how their product is the best
  • Try to push hot buttons to make the customer buy
  • Offer discounts to close the deal


  • Discover if there’s a good match and withdraw if there isn’t
  • Focus on how to best solve a specific customer problem
  • Help the customer make the best decision possible
  • Stand firm on an offer that makes sense for both buyer and seller

via Are You a Peddler … or a Seller?.

You might be wondering about what’s wrong with being a Peddler? There are lots of Peddlers (not like my friend) who make their living that way. I guess it’s a personal way of looking at how you want to do business. Do you want to chase or be chased? Do you want to close a sale or solve a problem? Do you want to push or pull? I’ve never regretted being a Seller and my business results can attest to it. Can yours?
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