Marketing Mistake 31: Discounting Services

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Naked Marketing - Episode 31- Lisa Wise

Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Lisa Wise I am excited to speak with this week’s guest, Lisa Wise, who is the CEO and Founder of Flock, a missions-based non-profit property management company based in Washington, DC. The concept of her company is unique – with absolutely nothing like its kind in the entire country. Combining… continue reading »

The New Normal of Conferencing


Nothing is the same in business post-covid. Why should conferences remain the same? And so it was that I spoke at my first large conference with thousands of attendees a few weeks ago. Here’s what you can expect at your next conference or big event: Travel More Painful At least Internationally. I had to jump… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 30: Confusing Marketing And Sales Processes

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Naked Marketing - Episode 30 - Nathan Zadworny

Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Nathan Zadworny I had the pleasure to speak with Nathan Zadworny, who offers marketing consulting services for small to medium-sized businesses that want to optimize their internal processes. This episode hits the ground running with Nathan already being “naked” with us on his biggest marketing mistake. He clarifies that when he… continue reading »

Request For Proposal Winning Secrets


I had the pleasure of teaching an RFP training at last week’s WBENC conference. To prepare, I dug deep into what I knew as a former purchaser of services at Pepsi-Cola, Pizza Hut, Frito-Lay for 18 years, and I looked up some recent research about how to win at these mysterious events. Here are some… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 29: Trusted Agency Too Much

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Naked Marketing - Episode 29 - Henning Schwinum

Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Henning Schwinum Please join us in welcoming Henning Schwinum, co-founder and managing partner of Vendux, a sales leadership company that “matches” growth-minded SMBs to fractional sales leaders. Agnostic to any specific industry, Henning says that his job is to act as a “matchmaker” to startups who do not know how to… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 28: Switching Strategies Too Often

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Jamil Hasan, Crypto Hipster, Switching Strategies Too Often

Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Jamil Hasan Please join us in welcoming Jamil Hasan, who is also known as the Crypto Hipster, who believes that marketing is all about teasing out a person’s thought leadership. From being a corporate technology and finance manager in AIG, Jamil has learned the hard way of trusting the right people…. continue reading »

Maybe It’s Not Your Messaging


Ever wonder why you have no or low marketing ROI? Maybe it’s not because your message is bad. Even though messaging is the most critical part of a marketing strategy, plenty else could be going wrong for you. Here are a few things that might be happening… Outreach A client and I spent a month… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 27: Thinking Everyone Understands What You’re Selling

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Marketing Mistake 27: Thinking Everyone Understands What You’re Selling

Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Nicholas Mitsakos In this episode, we meet Nicholas Mitsakos, a serial entrepreneur and successful venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. As we begin with what is important in marketing, Nicholas discusses the need to understand the context of one’s elevator pitch. Subject matter experts may make the mistake of assuming that the… continue reading »

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