Marketing Mistake 20: Not Understanding the Importance of Marketing

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Christian Espinosa Joining me today on the Naked Marketing podcast is my guest, Christian Espinosa, President of Alpine Security, a cybersecurity business. Christian helps businesses prevent cyberattacks. He’s also written a book and has his separate for his book on the role of egos in cybersecurity. Christian shares his insights into… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 19: Thinking Too Small

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Isaac Mashman On today’s episode of the Naked Marketing podcast, I’m joined by Isaac Mashman Founder and CEO of  Mashman Ventures a public relations firm and media agency that specializes in personal branding. Isaac works with people who want to be followed, respected and in demand. Isaac tells us about his… continue reading »

Deep Dive with Charles Givre

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Today on Polish my Pitch Deep Dive I chat with Charles Givre about his business DataDistillr. Charles talks about how his business helps his target market. He shares his background as a data scientist in the banking industry, where he saw large corporations struggling with the same problem which inspired him to found his business…. continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 18: Not Taking Action

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Mark Evans Join us for this episode of the Naked Marketing podcast, where we get real about marketing mistakes. Today we’re joined by Mark Evans, Founder and CEO of SalesKit who help entrepreneurs go from a cluttered sales mess onto a sales platform that’s easy to access, search and track. Chala… continue reading »

Polish My Pitch Podcast episode fifty nine with Charles Givre

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On this episode of Polish My Pitch, we welcome Charles Givre, CEO of DataDistillr whose business goal is to, “…make data easy to query and use.” Chala loves the simplicity of Charles’s pitch. She askes, “…if he could dream of doubling his business in one industry what would it be?” Chala helps Charles to drill… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 17: Focus on Marketing Not Delivery

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Kelly Max On today’s episode of the Naked Marketing podcast, I’m joined by Kelly Max founder and CEO of Solvv Inc. A serial entrepreneur, Kelly created Solvv, a blockchain enabled social media platform offering a space to solve problems in 15-minute audio-only brainstorming sessions. His tool helps teams and businesses solve… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 16: Not Marketing Until COVID Hit

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Suzanne O’Brien-Justice Welcome to the Naked Marketing podcast where we talk about naked honest marketing mistakes. On today’s episode, I’m joined by Suzanne O’Brien-Justice, founder and CEO of Blake Rian Consulting, a staffing and recruiting firm. We chat about the differences between working for a corporation and being an entrepreneur. Chala… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 15: Marketing Too Soon After Launch

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Zak Stern On Today’s episode of the Naked Marketing podcast we welcome Zac Stern, CEO of Official. Based out of New York City, Zac’s business Official, is a dating app that helps couples stay together and help them have better and healthier relationships. Official is different than other dating apps, instead… continue reading »

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