Getting Decision Makers To Talk To You


One of the biggest struggles of small businesses selling to large corporations is the inability to get a decision maker’s attention or time. It’s the first hurdle that we overcome with my clients since our first month’s work involves doing one on one interviews with targeted decision makers. Here’s what I teach them and how… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 58: Not Taking Enough Advantage of Social Media

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Jimmy Song Jimmy is the founder of Programming Bitcoin, which, as its name suggests, teaches programmers everything they need to know about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space. He now works with various companies that trade in or have some stock in the currency. Jimmy began training other programmers after realizing… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 57: Marketing Too Early Before The Event

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Barby Ingle Barby Ingle is an inspiration to everyone: She was a coach and a teacher before being diagnosed with a chronic pain syndrome that prevented her from doing heavy work. Instead of allowing the condition to control her, she set out to help more people like herself find meaning… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 56: Worried About Number of Followers

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Jeannie Moravits Smith True to her company’s name, Dynamism Leadership, Jeannie Moravits Smith is such a dynamic leader whose light shines on camera. A woman entrepreneur, business expert, and mom, Jeannie helps businesses optimize their processes so that they work more efficiently and hire the right talent for their organizations…. continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 55: Not Hiring a Professional Marketer

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Adam Connors Adam Connors, the CEO and Founder of NetWorkWise, says that 76% to 95% of your opportunities come from your network. This percentage gets even higher the more experienced you are. Do you remember how you hired your first worker? How did you meet your first client? How did… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 54: Too Shy To Market Myself

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Dr. Chloe Carmichael It’s so rare to speak with a psychology expert during a marketing podcast, but here we are today with Dr. Chloe Carmichael, who works with high-functioning adults to help them achieve success in their personal and professional lives. Dr. Chloe recently published her latest book on how… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 53: Trade Shows That Had No ROI

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Naked Marketing - Episode 53 - Steve Edwards

Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Steve Edwards Steve Edwards is the founder of Premier Virtual, a platform that allows organizations to host a job fair or career hiring event entirely online. Steve explains that even before the pandemic, he felt that many companies could be more efficient if they met with potential candidates online rather… continue reading »

58% Marketers Don’t Know Their Target


Have you been wracking your brain about why your marketing ROI is in the toilet? Wonder no more…Hubspot surveyed 1200 marketers recently and almost half (42%) only knew their target audience’s basics like demographics, name and location. Less than half knew about their interests, purchasing history, buying decision tree or where and how they consumed… continue reading »

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