Marketing Mistake 74: Not Exposing Self, Hiding Behind Brand

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Naked Marketing - YouTube Thumbnail - Episode 74 - Tom Bailey

Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Tom Bailey Tom Bailey launched Succeed Through Speaking with just one goal: To improve people’s communication skills. Tom says that he used to hide behind his brands all the time, so much so that none of his customers even knew who he was or that he was the CEO of… continue reading »

79% of Revenue Champs Do Personalized Marketing


Creating your own running shoe or using skin matching to find your exact shade of makeup? Personalized marketing isn’t just for the B2C world anymore. It has always been in the B2B world but it has suddenly become even more important in 2023 with the availability of AI driven data usage. What is it? Personalized… continue reading »

3 Signs Your Messaging Isn’t Working


Your messaging is everything from the copy on your website to what comes out of your mouth when prospects ask you for your elevator pitch. But is it any good? Here a some signs that it may not be working and why. It Doesn’t Convert Month after month you go from meeting to meeting and… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 73: Hiring The Wrong Marketing “Expert” And Getting No ROI

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Jodi Woelkerling Jodi Woelkerling is a resiliency coach and leadership expert from Australia. Her passion is helping business leaders build resiliency habits in their organizations so that their teams remain agile and nimble regardless of external factors. This is especially important during difficult situations. Jodi says that businesses today focus… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 72: Relying On Existing Business Coming In Without Investing In A Marketing Strategy

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Eric Oakland Eric Oakland, the co-founder of Relumed, is on a mission to help more organizations become visual-thinking brands to effectively communicate their message. Contrary to popular perception, visual thinking tools, such as whiteboards, are not just limited to lectures or classroom sessions. Instead, these solutions can be used by… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 71: Trying To Do It Myself, Not Seeking Help

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Terry Doloughty If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed with the million and one challenges of starting and maintaining a startup, then Terry Doloughty is there to help. The founder of B.O.S.S. Consulting is on a mission to help small business owners and nonprofit professionals thrive in today’s market. Terry believes that… continue reading »

80% Marketers Already Prepared for Recession


There’s a lot of uncertainty lately in the wind. How are big businesses preparing for it? Well Hubspot asked Marketing execs just that question and found that a whopping 80% are already planning for it. Here is what they’re doing to hunker down during the expected storm. Get Free Marketing Getting on TV shows, podcasts,… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 70: Depending On Ability To Sell And Not Creating Lead Gen Systems

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Mark Jewell For Mark Jewell, the agricultural industry has always had a special place in his heart. Mark grew up in a rural town, helping his father with his leech farm, and learning to love everything related to nature. Nevertheless, he saw that many local farms in his state and… continue reading »

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