Why B2B Buying Takes Longer Now


During my last speech, I mentioned that corporate buying deals were taking longer after the pandemic. An audience member asked why so I dug deep for some research about this. It turns out that more than half of B2B execs report an increased timeline. Here it is…read it and weep.. Taking More Time 60% of… continue reading »

5 Tells That You’re NOT a Growth Minded Leader


A 2022 McKinsey research shows that a quarter of companies don’t grow. In fact, one research found that only a tenth of S&P 500 companies grew over GDP for a period of 30 years! All the research has suggested that growth actually is a Decision. It’s not an accident or happenstance. Analysis shows that growth… continue reading »

Fruitless Networking That Goes Nowhere


I’ve been asked to speak on this topic for a small business group this month. A topic near and dear to my heart, networking has taken a back seat during covid and is trying its best to emerge from the ashes. Regardless of whether you’re still doing online or have started to dip your toe… continue reading »

The New Normal of Conferencing


Nothing is the same in business post-covid. Why should conferences remain the same? And so it was that I spoke at my first large conference with thousands of attendees a few weeks ago. Here’s what you can expect at your next conference or big event: Travel More Painful At least Internationally. I had to jump… continue reading »

Request For Proposal Winning Secrets


I had the pleasure of teaching an RFP training at last week’s WBENC conference. To prepare, I dug deep into what I knew as a former purchaser of services at Pepsi-Cola, Pizza Hut, Frito-Lay for 18 years, and I looked up some recent research about how to win at these mysterious events. Here are some… continue reading »

Salesperson Loneliness Is Killing Your Sales (Research)


With the onslaught of the Covid phenomenon, suicide, mental illness, divorce and depression rates have all gone up. Sadly, salespeople aren’t immune to this. A new study conducted by Dr. Good says that salespeople are actually lonely and it’s costing you, the business owner, your sales. Here’s why… Why Lonely? Zoom isolation is the first… continue reading »

4 Stupid Questions To Ask a Buyer


As a purchaser of services for 18 years working for sexy brands like Pepsi, Pizza-Hut, Frito-Lay and Smirnoff, I can honestly say that I’ve heard a lot of stupid questions. But my insider info actually comes from a much more recent source: the buyers I work with through diversity certifying organizations that I specialize in… continue reading »

Women’s Day Entrepreneur Advice


Happy International Women’s Day. Weirdly started by the Socialist Party of America in 1911 (!) and then adopted by the UN in 1977, this is a day to celebrate and recognize women all over the world. In doing my part of the said celebration, I wanted to look up how we’re actually doing as women… continue reading »

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