Make Google Loove (not a typo) You


How do you get into fickle Google’s black heart (for those of you who have a love-hate relationship with Google, that is!)? How do you become a favourite searched business owner or business? Well, it all starts and ends with one thing: Becoming a Topic Expert. Voice Search One of the biggest trends in search… continue reading »

Shock and Awe Marketing To Woo A Giant


Account Based Marketing, the art of using big budgets and laser focused targeting (hence my use of the term ‘Shock and Awe’) has always existed. Now, it’s hailed as the number one B2B emerging marketing tactic to land giant new contracts. Here are the steps I take my clients through to plan out a Shock… continue reading »

How Megan Markle Said “I” 34 Times in 7 Minutes


If you got a chance to hear about Meghan Markle’s speech at the Young One World summit this past week, it garnered some royal criticism. As a big fan of Megan’s I had to wince at this snafu because it’s one that hundreds of business owners I meet make every day. They too overuse the… continue reading »

Overcome”We’ll Get Back To You”-Itis


One of the most common phrases sales meetings end with that go nowhere is “we’ll get back to you”. As a former buyer of corporate services, I can tell you a few reasons why I used to use it and some ways you can avoid hearing it at your next sales meeting. The Big Stall… continue reading »

Fruitless Networking That Goes Nowhere


I’ve been asked to speak on this topic for a small business group this month. A topic near and dear to my heart, networking has taken a back seat during covid and is trying its best to emerge from the ashes. Regardless of whether you’re still doing online or have started to dip your toe… continue reading »

How To Write Your LinkedIn Bio


It’s an inarguable fact that whether you care about your online presence of not, prospects will look you up on LinkedIn. So if you want your profile bio to be working hard for you, here are some basics that you should include in your account. Clarity of Niche As I’m a niching coach, you know… continue reading »

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