How To Ask A Client For A Price Increase


I’d like to thank my clients for constantly giving me great material to blog about here. This week’s topic comes courtesy of a long-time client who is planning on announcing his price increase shortly to his beloved trusted customers. If you’ve never asked your clients for a raise, then it’s time to take a look… continue reading »

Lost Deals Take 38% Longer To Finalize


“Why won’t they call us back Chala? I thought we had an amazing sales meeting!” is the complaint I hear from clients on occasion. I always have a gut feeling from years of buying and selling services to corporations that the sale is dead but now there’s new research to prove my gut right. Here’s… continue reading »

Need Cash Now? Stop Marketing


A business owner I was speaking to this week was bemoaning the lack of new clients due to covid. He had been working like crazy, doing everything his online coaching program told him to do. And here’s why he was getting nowhere and how you can shift things around for your business if you’re in… continue reading »

Refusing to Turn on The Zoom Camera


The pandemic has probably got you sick of Zoom meetings. People who’d never heard of video conferencing are now having to do it as a regular part of their lives. My 11-year-old has no less than 5 Zoom calls a DAY as part of his private school curriculum. So I completely understand if you want… continue reading »

Responsiveness Is a Currency


Yes, the speed at which you respond to your customers and prospects is literally worth actual money. I didn’t always think this way. In fact, I lost a job as a research consultant in my early 30’s because I didn’t respond fast enough to a big-wig client. So they let me go. How about you?… continue reading »

Why the 33% Rise In Perfectionism is Hurting Your Business


I was afraid of doing Facebook Lives until very recently. Before that, I slayed my personal dragon of launching an online course for the first time in my life. Before that, I was afraid to launch a Podcast. Before that..well, you get the idea. What’s So Scary Ok, I’m not actually an extravert. Despite the… continue reading »

Striptease Like Elon Musk To Grow Your Brand


This week, at a Tesla event in China, the world got to witness billionaire genius bad boy Musk doing a sort of strip-tease as he took his jacket off on stage. He was definitely not Magic Mike material. Believe me. Nobody is. Except Channing Tatum-sigh I digress..But the show went viral. With a hip twirl… continue reading »

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