Market Out Of Excitement Not Force


Every day at the conferences I speak at, I meet business owners who are should-ing themselves about the guilt of not having done social media or speaking or networking. Some are saying they should have a better elevator pitch. Others are saying they should do more blogging. Whatever it is that they’re saying, I’ve said… continue reading »

70% of Millennials Leave Undifferentiated Businesses


Good news! Now you don’t just have to worry about buyers rejecting you but also your actual employees leaving you if you’re not differentiated in your industry amongst your competitors. Millennials Leaving A study by Gallup revealed that only 30% of Millennials would stay at a company that didn’t know what it stood for and… continue reading »

Giving Away Too Much During Your Sales Process


When my third client this week complained about the fear of a prospect taking their entire recommendation and going to a competitor to better the price by using the same solution, I decided to write this article. It is a very real thing and a deal killer to give away too much during the sales… continue reading »

58% Buyers Talk Price First


Jenny was having her first meeting with the buyer for the large IT company she’d been courting for over a year! It had taken a long time to get this meeting and she was over the moon. She went in, expecting to talk about the product, their impeccable service and customer satisfaction. Well things didn’t… continue reading »

Power of Emotional vs.Transactional Sales


Kenny was excited. He had a new sales prospect who he was speaking to in a few minutes about buying his coaching services. The prospect had seemed very interested and had booked a call without hesitation after meeting at a networking event. Now it was up to Kenny to close the deal. The call started… continue reading »

80% of Kids Want To Be Entrepreneurs


Say ‘hello’ to the young generation of entrepreneurs. By the way: it’s almost EVERYONE. Look at this Gallup survey about kids in grades 5 to 12. In the study, researchers found that 77% wanted to be their own boss, 45% wanted to start their own business, and 42% wanted to invent something that changes the… continue reading »

Cold Email Mistakes


Should you even be writing cold emails? Well the statistics say yes. Email usage is going to increase by almost a Billion users by 2022 and the ROI is great. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you get a whopping $32 back! That number is strangely $49 for direct mail in comparison, but… continue reading »

Does Look-At-Me Marketing Work?


As I was rehearsing to do my speech this weekend at the Harvard Club of Boston, I saw a fascinating post by a business guru that really triggered my mind. In the middle of my heart palpitations prepping for my own Look-at-me-marketing opportunity, I had a giant Oprah “a-ha” moment. It’s About Me Not You… continue reading »

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