Corona Virus Marketing

“I just don’t know where to network anymore Chala, what with the virus now and all big meetings and conferences being postponed. What do I do?” asked my client when we talked about her marketing plan this week. Hence, the birth of the new term that I’ve coined for my blog, Corona Virus Marketing. This blog is about how to navigate your marketing efforts around the havoc that the virus is causing in the marketplace.

Cancelled Events

Yes, most networking events are being cancelled or postponed. No, nobody knows when they’ll be rescheduled. Yes, if like me, you relied on conferences and networking to make a living, it will change the way you market. What are some things that you can do during this time of change to still keep getting in front of leads?

Give Birth to New Content

This lull in your schedule is the perfect time to finally put pen to paper (or face to video) and write that speech, program, book or even blog. Let your wisdom that defines your expertise pour forth from your mouth or fingers. Write or make videos about your target prospect’s pain and tell stories of how you’ve helped solve them and the results that they got. You can package theses stories and sell them as keynotes, books or webinars.

Discover Selling Online

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, doing webinars to sell your services to other companies is a great way that I’m breaking out of the coronavirus doldrums. Somehow I was graced to start way before the scare and launched my first ever online course in January. That course has become an evergreen product that I continue to market online with new and innovative ads, Facebook Live’s, new webinars and new irresistible free offers. It’s not too late for you. Try to sell or teach something, anything online. If you don’t know how, this is the perfect time to learn more about it. Online coaches and consultants are SLAYING it. (Amy Porterfield, Amanda Frances to name a few…) You certainly won’t regret learning more about the future of business since online is really where it’s going to be at-virus or no virus.

Make Corona Virus Calls

When I work with my clients, the first thing we flush out is a list of their networks in the target industries we want to hit. Why not use their downtime and yours (thank you virus!) to reach out (by phone or email or text) and tell them that you’re making Corona Virus Calls. Use it as a literal excuse to catch up. It’s cheeky and inventive and everyone likes to hear from old acquaintances. Especially when they have a common news topic to talk about, like how the virus is affecting business.

Create Virtual Events

Last but not least in my Corona Virus Marketing idea bag, is the creation of online events for your target. You’ve heard me and many other coaches talk about Executive Roundtables. Why not have a virtual one? Or how about a virtual lunch and learn where everyone could eat at their own home but listen to you while they eat? I mean, the ideas are endless.

All jokes aside, I think that the most important thing about this whole Corona Virus Marketing is to mentally keep your positive attitude about its effects. Don’t buy into the hysteria or the pessimism. Stay safe but optimistic. Stop talking about the negative news or its effects. Focus instead on visualizing the abundance that your Corona Virus Marketing will be bringing you.

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