Deep Dive with Ishveen Anand, CEO

On today’s episode of Deep Dive we welcomed Ishveen Anand, CEO of OpenSponsorship, the largest marketplace connecting brands to athletes.

I chatted with Ishveen about how she started her business, what she’s learnt about sports sponsorship through the course of her career and how brands can benefit from partnerships with athletes. 

We discussed how Ishveen makes it easy for brands and athletes to do deals and manage the process. Learn how she makes it simple for both parties to engage in sponsorship deal and help equalize the playing field for both brands and athletes.   

Watch as we do a deep dive about Ishveen and learn:

  1. What the focus is for brands engaged in sports sponsorship.
  2. Different aspects involved with sports sponsorship beyond the matchmaking.
  3. How she combined the best practices from dating, real estate and recruitment websites to create innovation in sports sponsorship.
  4. How 70% of the brands Ishveen works with have never worked with a sports athlete before.

| 3 Value Bombs | 

  1. Brands can benefit from working with athletes to create impactful content.
  2. Athlete influencers and sports sponsorship can be accessible to smaller brands.
  3. COVID has impacted brand’s marketing budgets.

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