Deep Dive with Marty Park, President

In today’s episode, we welcome Marty Park, President of Evolve Business Group, a coaching, training and execution company. Listen as Marty explains how he helps business owners overcome barriers to move forward with their business goals. Marty shares the story of how he started his first business at the young of age 21, how he learned about all the different pieces along the way, and how working as a bartender and wanting to make an impact led him to a career in coaching.

Marty tells us about his background in entrepreneurship and how his business helps clients today. Marty and I also chat about some of the biggest mistake’s businesses make and how to avoid common marketing mistakes. Finally, Marty shares some of his business plans for 2021.

Watch as we do a deep dive with Marty Park and learn:

  1.  How Marty helps clients overwhelmed by constant to-do lists
  2.  Marty’s unique approach to coaching
  3.  How to accelerate change and grow your business
  4.  Three ways to scale your business successfully

| 3 Value Bombs |

  1. Recognize that sales and marketing are your businesses engine.
  2. To ensure you are not wasting your money, approach marketing strategically, using metrics and data.   
  3. The biggest challenge for businesses growing quickly is managing the scaling of their business.

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