Why We're Designed for Success but Programmed to Struggle

success isn't hard

Life Shouldn’t Feel Like Sucking Lemons

After a mind-blowing 2-days spent with my mentor David Neagle, I couldn’t help but share my biggest aha’s with my readers. What were those 2-days like? Inspiration to change? check, butt-kicking? check, sense of amazement? check!

No Struggle In Nature

Have you ever seen anything in nature struggle? Do you see squirrels worrying about how they’re going to save up acorns for the winter? Seen any sharks thinking about what other sharks in the ocean will feel about them if they eat the seal in front of them? If it’s not innate for us humans to struggle either, then why do we do it?

Designed for Success

Every human is able to float innately. It’s an ability that’s already inside of them that learning how to swim uncovers. Most who don’t discover this ability and who don’t trust that ability to float actually drown. The same is true for success. You are designed to have, do or be anything that your wildest imagination desires in this lifetime. But you are stuck trying to figure out the ‘how’ or spend your life living by the limitations programmed into you by your parents and your environment. It’s a tragedy, really to spend a lifetime living by someone else’s beliefs instead of creating your own dreams.

If it Was Easy, Everyone Would Be Doing It

Ever heard of this saying? I’ll bet if you’re from a middle class family like mine, you heard it a lot. It’s a false belief that causes a lot of the struggle. It’s a belief that says it’s hard to be successful, to do a lot and to have a lot. Which is a belief that drives how we act, how we feel and who we are. If anyone believes things are supposed to be hard, how would you ever convince them otherwise? I see this all the time in business. People think it’s hard to charge a lot, it’s hard to sell and it’s hard to talk to people. It’s a belief that was baked in to them.

A Problem is Only A Problem Because There’s Something You Believe About It That Isn’t True

“I couldn’t get any leads from networking again, Chala” said a client. She’s not alone. Often clients will tell me that the marketing plans we’ve created aren’t working for them. I then challenge them to look at what they believe about that problem. In this case, it’s because my networker client believes it’s confusing to remember our sales script so she doesn’t implement any of it. The truth is, if she were to simply have the conversation, it wouldn’t really matter if she used my script or not. If there’s a need for that service, there’s a sale. We let what we believe to be true about that problem paralyze us, hence leading to our internal struggle.

You Are Programmed To Earn based on What You Need, Not What You Truly Want

When I have sales conversations and ask about a prospects’ financial goals, it’s always about what they can get by with, not a number based on an abundance mentality. Nobody tells me of their secret desires like vacations on yachts, having designer clothes or being able to afford to buy a date with a Channing Tatum-look-a-like escort for the night. This is because our society is based on paying for our bills on time. The whole credit and mortgage system is geared and created around this principle. So the belief is that money is driven out of that need to cover the bills, not what you truly want. Because what you truly want is a waste, it’s frivolous and unnecessary anyway. When you’re programmed to believe that, you truly do struggle with your desires and dreams.

You Can’t See The Easy

When your entire programming and conditioning is set up to see something as being Hard to have/be/do (as in “it’s hard to sell big packages”), you simply can’t even recognize the Easy solution to that same issue. You’re too busy thinking “it’s too hard” thoughts. If instead you were to focus on ‘how can I sell this, let me think about some ways and brainstorm on that’, then you’d have a vastly different game on your hands and instantly your struggle would end.
Here’s my challenge to you to blow your own mind by first making the decision to stop struggling, and then to BE the person who was designed for success.
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