Polish My Pitch Podcast episode twenty with Aviva Abrahams, Insurance Advisor

Aviva’s in one of those Elevator-Pitch-phobic-professions. The ones that send people fleeing in the other direction if the pitch isn’t delivered right. The reason is that there simply is a glut of insurance advisors in the market and none of them are differentiated. Worse yet, their industry trainers and coaches are teaching them things like blind cold-calling and untargeted networking. Luckily, Aviva and I have known each other a long time and she’s well aware of my strategies and has put them to good use over the years.

Even so, I still had to gently polish her pitch. Aviva’s original pitch was about a specific portion of the population-entrepreneurs. To add, she was talking about the pain of entrepreneurs not having the right insurance knowledge and tools. But because she thought it was too hard a sell, she was avoiding talking about the actual consequence of not having the right insurance. I tried to get her to re-write her pitch to talk about the very harsh reality that business owners who get seriously ill have when they lose a great portion of their revenue.


Think about yourself as a business owner, would you be more interested in someone who told you that if you ever did get ill, that you would lose almost half of your sales unless you had the right tools in place or if they simply talked about entrepreneurs not having the right insurance in place? I must admit, I myself bought a Critical Illness Insurance as soon as I heard the story of a fellow entrepreneur who went bankrupt after she got cancer. It isn’t nice or fun, but fear works. It is 70% of the reason of why people buy anything.

So, don’t be afraid to use it to your very advantage. Remember your service is for their protection and it’s a blessing to your prospect.

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