Ellen DeGeneres’ Brand In The Toilet


I really liked Ellen. I truly thought she was funny and kind and brave. Little did I or the world know that she was sometimes the queen of ‘not-so-nice’. As a consumer, I was disappointed. But as a marketer, I’m fascinated by what’s happening to one of the most powerful brands in America as her… continue reading »

Your Brand and George Floyd


What, if anything should your brand say about George Floyd right now? Should you say something and risk the ire of people who are in great pain and resentment? Should you ignore the outpouring of emotion? It’s a conundrum that I had to face as a blue-eyed, blond, Caucasian, Canadian business owner with an African-American… continue reading »

Sorry We Only Work With Big Brands


When my interior designer clients told me about this objection that they’d gotten from big brand hotels, I had to stop myself from shouting ‘liar, liar pants on fire!’. Because having purchased services for mammoth brands for 2 decades, from both big vendor brands and small, I could tell a soft ‘no’ when I heard… continue reading »

Automating The Personality Out Of Your Brand


Are you guilty of automating the unique selling point which is the personality out of your brand? Let’s see.. What Is Your Brand Personality If you’re Nike or Staples, your brand personality has been carefully crafted and created by teams of marketing geniuses. They also dump Millions of Dollars into figuring out how to keep perpetuating… continue reading »

Can Brand Persona Alone Get You Clients?


No. Brand Persona alone can’t get you clients or a job. Here’s why: I just saw a viral Millennial job application video where the young lady in question SANG (yes, you read that right!) her application in a video and posted it to LinkedIn. It got tons of shares and comments but mostly negative and… continue reading »

Playing Russian Roulette With Your Brand


This is not a B2B story, but it’s so interesting that I still have to tell it… Imagine taking everything your brand is built on and gambling with it. If that’s not putting a gun to your (brand’s) head and spinning the revolver’s cylinder to see if you’ll get an empty barrel when you pull… continue reading »

Signs That Your Brand Is Weak


Would your customers save your brand if it was faced with extinction? This question was answered loud and clear for the brand Snopes recently. Snopes.com is the place you go to if you want to check the validity of a piece of news or claim. Anything from absurd Facebook posts about a Mummified Three-fingered Alien in… continue reading »

What My Superhero Power Would Be

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When I found out that a multimillionaire, multi-talented serial entrepreneur named Tina Roth Eisenberg credits her success with her ability to answer one single question, I was intrigued. The question was: If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be? What The Successful Said She said that almost all the successful people she met… continue reading »

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