Lessons from Paula Deen: How What You Say Can Damage Your Brand

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I’m a huge proponent of being yourself as part of your brand for your business. Authenticity and truth need to be at the core of what you say and do. It doesn’t matter if what you say is hurtful or controversial, there are still people who will love your brand if you hurt people’s feelings,… continue reading »

Are you being too clever for your customer?

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A good friend bravely took the plunge into entrepreneurship after over a decade spent working for “The Man”. The first thing she did like any business owner was not to get a business strategy or to make a marketing plan. She went and got a graphic designer to design her brand, spanking-new company logo. That’s… continue reading »

Startup Wedding Planners Explore Niche Markets to Stand Out

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Yes, I’m beating the drum of niching AGAIN. During my conference coaching sessions which consist of laser coaching small business owners on growth and development in 15 minute segments, the lack of a discernible niche is the number one problem for small businesses. It’s also the number one way for them to grow faster. Find that… continue reading »

Don't Talk About Your Hell While You're In It

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You are human (right?) and while as an entrepreneur you help solve your clients’ pain, sometimes you are also in pain. Sometimes, that pain that you make your living helping clients with is also, for a brief moment in time, your pain. Do you feel like a fraud every day and go on as if nothing’s happening? While… continue reading »

The Secret to a Strong Branding Message? Focus.

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Can’t focus? Then you’re in for a tough time in business. Here’s someone else who agrees with me about the need for a business to pick just 1 thing to sell to only 1 group of people–Adam Kleinberg, (a cool ad agency dude). He agrees that people are confused by your messaging if you’re telling them… continue reading »

Do Customers Love You? 5 Questions to Ask

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Your customers may ‘like’ your Facebook page but do they actually LOVE you? That’s such an overused word but I don’t mind. I use it for everything because like any consumer, I’m passionate about the products and services I spend my life with. How about you? Answer these questions to see if your customers are… continue reading »

Brandings Cardinal Sins: 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid

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You probably know that branding started in farms thousands of years ago to distinguish one farmer’s cattle from another’s. In business, it’s one of the most important things to set you apart from your sea of competitors. Nobody’s born with this knowledge and you don’t know what you don’t know. I mean look at this ad… continue reading »

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