6 Ways To Start a Presentation To Wow


Recently I did a post on the fact that buyers bounce from your presentation in 15 seconds. How do you stop them in their tracks and make them pay attention from the start? Say Something Controversial As the hallmark of best-in-class speeches, TED talks provide a rich teaching ground for learning how to wow an… continue reading »

15s For Buyers To Ignore A Presentation


Having written a book called “How to Make Anyone Like You in 7s or Less”, I find it easy to believe that it takes 15 seconds for buyers to look at your presentation deck and decide to ‘bounce’, ie. ignore it. Here are some other eye-popping stats from a recent survey by storydoc.com of 100K… continue reading »

Your Presentations Are Boring


Hey, don’t kill the messenger, I didn’t make this up. A study by Polleverywere found that there were 35 Million PowerPoint presentations given each day to an audience of over 500 Million people. And the sad part? 79% of them said that the presentations were: you guessed it-boring. And I have more bad news: the… continue reading »

Land your dream job

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Brand yourself like a small business When you find yourself swimming in a sea of candidates competing for the same job as you, now you know exactly what it feels like to be a small business that’s trying to grow. Why brand? Used by ancient Egyptians 3000 years ago in farms to distinguish one cow… continue reading »

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t get to it because I didn’t have enough time"

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This phrase is one of the most frequent things I hear from my clients at some point in the coaching process. The clients who utter this phrase are usually apologizing for an incomplete stretch (homework assigned by the coach), an unsent prep form (usually sent each week before every coaching session) or a really important… continue reading »

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