Marketing Mistake 44: Comparinoia, Fear Of Missing Out

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Naked Marketing - Episode 44- Dr. Stevie Dawn Carter

Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Stevie Dawn Carter Meet my sister from another mother, Dr. Stevie Dawn Carter, who earned her Ph.D. in Leadership and is the CEO of Stevie Dawn Inspires, LLC. Stevie helps business executives become the best leaders they can be by understanding the importance of emotional intelligence in building a strong… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 43: Not Asking If Anyone Needed My Product I Invented

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Naked Marketing - Episode 43- Nate Palmer

Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Nate Palmer What a treasure it was to meet with fitness trainer Nate Palmer, the self-described fat-loss ninja who helps dads and business owners with their nutrition and wellness so that they feel more energized every day. Unlike other fitness coaches, Nate believes that bodybuilding and food should be taken… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 42: Leading With What Market Needed Vs. Passion

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Naked Marketing - Episode 42- Jeff Ton

Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Jeff Ton Practicing to become the next Mick Jagger or John Lennon, Jeff Ton went to college with the goal of studying Music. There, his dreams of becoming a rockstar were answered, but not in the way he expected. Jeff fell in love with IT and saw that he could… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 41: Spent On Keyword Ads Without Proper Target Research

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Naked Marketing - Episode 41- Steven Hoffman

Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Steven Hoffman Has there ever been such a bubbly guest as Steven Hoffman, CEO of Founders Space? The moment he came on screen, his energy just radiated from his being, and there was nothing else to do but smile and listen to what he had to say. Surprisingly, Steven described… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 40: Buying Ad Without Research

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Naked Marketing - Episode 40 - Rob Broadhead

Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Rob Broadhead What started as a random choice in college for Rob Broadhead blossomed into a passionate decades long career. Rob jokingly signed up for Computer Sciences as his major in university because “why not?” and he had a natural curiosity towards the field anyway. Now, he is the President… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 39: FB Ads

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Naked Marketing - Episode 39- Michael Levitt

Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Michael Levitt It was an honor to speak with Michael Levitt, the Chief Burnout Officer of Breakfast Leadership. Michael helps organizations of different industries work through and resolve burnout to improve productivity, increase job satisfaction, and strike better work/life balance. Every cloud has a silver lining and the pandemic has… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 38: Paying for Funnel Type of Programs

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Naked Marketing - Episode 38 - Rennie Gabriel

Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Rennie Gabriel It was such a pleasure speaking with Rennie Gabriel in this podcast episode! Rennie is a successful serial entrepreneur and Founder of Wealth at Any Income, a consulting group that helps executives make better decisions to achieve financial choice. ‘Choice’ is an important distinction, explains Rennie.  “Financial freedom”… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 37: Reaching Out To Too Many People

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Naked Marketing - Episode 37- Shawn Channell

Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Shawn Channell We hit the ground running in today’s podcast with our guest, Shawn Channell, the Founder and CEO of Just Launched Training & Consulting. Shawn immediately explains the value of niche marketing and his initial struggle of reaching out to too many people. He says that by trying to… continue reading »

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