Anatomy of a productive meeting

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I happened to be a participant in a rather unproductive meeting for the past two days.  Forgive me—I feel very prepared to write this e-zine to warn all those well meaning, unsuspecting souls who are running, planning or just participating in such meetings. Here are the rules that I wish had been followed in the… continue reading »

Why can’t I focus?

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Are you always running to do a million things at once and never really getting anything accomplished to your full satisfaction? Do you often feel overwhelmed by your daily responsibilities and dream of just dropping everything to escape? Quite a few of my clients come to me for coaching while feeling this way and I’m… continue reading »

When someone complained about me to my boss…

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7 Steps to Resolving Conflict with a Team Member the Right Way I lead the wonderful dual life of business coach and full time corporate manager. As it turns out; this duality helps manage each respective side better. Here’s a story that demonstrates this perfectly. A colleague at my day job complained about me to my… continue reading »

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