6 Ways to Track Your Competitions Marketing Strategy

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I don’t really believe that there are competitors in my industry of consulting. We are all so individualized and so different that we can’t help it. We have NO real competition. Of course, in order to be even more memorable and differentiated, you have to work on your brand (see how to do that here). Here is… continue reading »

3 Best Ways To Get Shopped On Price

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As a small biz marketing coach, I’ve run into some doozy prospective clients in the past.  At the beginning of my practice, I once had a client who actually haggled with me about the payment date. She devised payment plans that didn’t exist! So I decided to give you some great tips on what to… continue reading »

3 Olympian Strategies to Get Gold-Medal Tough in Business

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If you spent the long weekend with one eye on the Olympics like me, you’re in awe and when it gets gory, disgust over the vivid images of these extraordinary individuals who will stop at nothing to win. As a business owner, I have a lot to learn from them. Here are a few things that got… continue reading »

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