Is Your Web Presence Getting You More Customers?

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You think you’re a hot shot online? Think again, in Abigail Tracy ‘s Inc Magazine article, study findings show that customers think a lot less of your business than you think they do. Here are the stats: A recent study by Web.com found that small businesses underestimated the opportunity they have to build relationships with customers via the… continue reading »

Shock yourself—make a decision

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A liability One of the biggest liabilities of a small business owner is his or her inability to make quick and effective decisions.  In large corporations, unless you’re top management, this is less of a problem because there’s always someone else who’s got more authority than you. So if there’s a decision it’s usually not… continue reading »

Anatomy of a productive meeting

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I happened to be a participant in a rather unproductive meeting for the past two days.  Forgive me—I feel very prepared to write this e-zine to warn all those well meaning, unsuspecting souls who are running, planning or just participating in such meetings. Here are the rules that I wish had been followed in the… continue reading »

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